Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Here's my improv costume for our annual children Halloween party at the library. (I'm a horse back rider, complete with toy horse, guarding the treats - not bad for a moment's notice right?)

To check out the awesome costumes of wicked cute kids, view the Norwich Bulletin gallery.

Also here's our teen display for Halloween

What did you do special for Halloween?

Friday, October 30, 2009

Witch and Wizard

Imagine a night where you go to sleep and everything's normal but you when you wake up, your world is completely changed and life as you knew it is gone. Whit and his sister Wisty wake up to discover police surrounding and entering their house to take the two of them away. Whit and Wisty are dangerous teens - who need to be stopped immediately according to the new government The New Order. The New Order now rules everything and has commanded dangerous criminals such as Wisty and Whit be taken into custody. Wisty and Whit discover that they're more than ordinary people in fact, Wisty is a witch and Whit is a wizard. Their powers are growing, especially when they're angry. Now they're stuck inside a cell awaiting their imminent death.Can they figure out what changed and how/if they're going to get out of this mess?

A fun start to a new series that comes out December 14th. It's a fun read, split into chapters between Wisty and Whit's perspectives. Lots of action, lots of questions to be answered, magic, friendship, betrayal, and tons of danger make this read fast, fun, and addictive. Patterson and Charbonnet are off to a great start.

Just discovered that Gabrielle Charbonnet writes under a pen two AMAZING witch series. Any guesses? Ok I'll tell you. Cate Tiernan. (Sweep series and the Balefire series both excellent)
Here's a little something from her website: "Currently I’m working on another Cate Tiernan project, a trilogy for Little, Brown called Immortal Beloved. I’m not sure when it will come out, since I haven’t even written the first book yet."

She's also collaborated with Patterson before on Sundays at Tiffany's

Above is the cover on my ACR (sent by the publisher) is the one above. However, the covers below are also floating around. Not sure if any of these are the final cover art. I can't say I'm in love with any of them, but I think I the bottom on the most. I'm not sure why, but it intrigues me. I also like the fireball shooting out of the hand. Which one catches your eye?

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Saw: Michael Scott

On Saturday, I traveled to Madison to visit RJ Julia Booksellers

where I saw Michael Scott of The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel series Fame

where he read the the latest novel: The Sorceress and answered questions.

Some cool things he said:

1. A book is really one Big fat lie
2. Readers become writers
3. Scents and colors from the magic gives your a visionary but more importantly smell to connect with the characters
4. It's a 6 book series (Somewhere I thought it was a 5 book series, so that makes me wicked happy)
5. He came up with the concept and then outlines all 6 books
6. All the characters (except for Sophie and Josh) are all real characters from history and you can research them
7. Flamel wasn't the original hero, Dr. Dee might have been except that Scott went to this house:

and it changed his mind a little.

Here we are together after he signed my books

and here's a READ poster I made:

and if you want to know more about the series, here's the book trailer I made for the first book (which is actually our middle school book club pick for November)

Created: Island of the Aunts book trailer

Our new 4th and 5th grade book club choice:

Monday, October 26, 2009

Best Enemies

Sasha and her team are about to compete for a spot on the YENT team. They're desperately trying to practice as much as possible, but also attempting to balance school (including finals), friends, and boys. Now that the secret's out, Eric and Sasha gear up for their first date at the movies. They run into Jacob and Callie, where awkward vibes ruin their chances at ever double dating. Eric and Sasha can't even make it through the movie without wanting to chat with each other. since they've moved from friends to a couple, sitting in silence doesn't work for them. But Sasha's about to get the surprise of her life as they move their date somewhere else. Sasha's trying hard not to freak out too much about the competitions and keep a level head when it comes to school work and also Jasmine. Jas spends her time trash talking the rest of the team and playing mind games. Sasha can't help rise to the bait a few times, but will she let Jas get into her head on the big day? Will Sasha be spending the summer at a grueling training session with YENT or back home at her small town stables?

The fifth book in the series adds more drama, romance, and friendship gets back on track with the reuniting of Sasha and her BFF. I adore the first date scene - including the prep time for the date. I'd love to go to this school - but I might not like dealing with Heather and Jas. A great series all around - pure entertainment with super cute covers.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Teen Read Week booklist and video

My Top 10 lists

Science Fiction
1. Hunger Games
2. Uglies
3. Kingdom Keepers
4. Pendragon series
5. Life as We Knew it
6. Prom Dates from Hell
7. Mediator series
8. Vampire Academy series
9. Killer Pizza
10. Morganville Vampires

1. Graceling
2. Eon: Dragoneye Reborn
3. Percy Jackson series
4. Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel series
5. Dragonfly
6. Song of the Lioness series
7. Sweep series
8. Enchanted Forest Chronicles
9. Oh. My. Gods/Goddess Boot Camp
10. Salem Witch Tryouts

Adult Fantasy:
Song of Ice and Fire series
Maria V. Snyder

Here's the display I created at the Otis Library

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Spotted: Pretty Little Liars News

ABC Family is close to giving a pilot order to the drama "Pretty Little Liars."

"Privileged" star Lucy Hale is finalizing a deal to topline the project based on Alloy Entertainment's series of young-adult novels by Sara Shepard.

Adapted for TV by Marlene King, "Liars" is set three years after the disappearance of the manipulative and vindictive "Queen Bee" Alison. It revolves around her four 16-year-old girlfriends, Aria (Hale), Emily, Spencer and Hanna, who have lost touch with one another until each of them begins to receive mysterious messages suggesting that Alison is watching them and knows every secret they're desperate to keep. The messages don't stop even after Alison's body finally is discovered.

Spotted: Jekel and Hyde book cover

Doesn't this look cool?
She's the author of Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side - which was fantastic.
This one comes out in the spring...

Teen Read Week Book 3: Sphinx's Princess

Nefertiti is not a princess but her father is the sister of the Royal Wife to the Pharaoh. When Queen Tiye hears about Nefertiti's beauty, she's determined to make her a Princess in order to marry her first born son. She orders Nefertiti's family to her side where she manipulates the family into giving Nefertiti's hand in marriage. There is a catch, Nefertiti will not marry for three years, but in that time she must reside in the royal household. Sadness overwhelms her as she says goodbye to her family, not knowing when she'll ever see them again. She moves into the women's suite where she's given a comfortable room. The other women in the suite are junior wives of the Pharaoh. Due to Queen Tiye's paranoia, she's not allowed to communicate with any of them. Instead, her loneliness threatens her state of mind. Before long, she begins to take secret scribing lessons again. While Nefertiti rarely spends any time with her betrothed, a cold man, she enjoys his brother's company greatly. He teaches her how to drive a chariot and shows her around the city. But when Nefertiti's betrothed learns of this, he threatens his bride to be. When the Pharaoh leaves the palace for an extended period of time and leaves his first born son in charge, the change in him is overwhelming. Nefertiti can't believe the difference and she just might fall in love with him - but when an accusation comes her way, can he save her?

An enchanting beginning tale of the strong feisty character of Nefertiti. The cover intrigues me too and it looks very similar to the Nobody YA novels. This historical fiction makes me want to read a biography of Nefertiti to find out more info. A second book is in the works, which is great because this book ends on a cliff hanger.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Teen Read Week Book 2 and author Chat

Now that Kendall's gone through her awakening and saved her father from a ghost, she and her friends have been working all over town. Not everyone is happy about Kendall's newfound abilities. First, her mother still doesn't believe her daughter's a psychic, and she's made Kendall promise to be tested. Kendall and her mom travel to Atlanta to meet with an open-minded doctor. They talk about her awakening and finally run mental and medical tests. Courtney, the queen bee at school, hates all the attention people are giving Kendall. Plus, she hates that Kendall is dating her ex-boyfriend. She comes up with a plan to shift the attention back on to herself: she fakes her own awakening. However, Courtney doesn't understand the rules and she's playing a very dangerous game. When a seance turns into something more, Kendall knows she has to step in and save Courtney if she can. The ghost oppressing Courtney is more vicious than any spirit she's ever encountered. She's not sure if she's strong enough to handle him.

The second book in the once trilogy, but now at least five book GHOST HUNTRESS series, picks up a couple of months after the first book, THE AWAKENING, ends. It continues the fun, danger, and romance of ghost hunting. The ending left me with goosebumps and I can't wait to devour the next book in the series.

This book is a bit different - being a nonfiction How-to manual for ghost hunting. It's a fun read and touches on a number of points

* you can't scientifically prove that ghosts exisit
* a quick history of ghost hunting
* You don't make money by becoming a ghost hunter
*explains the different types of apparitions
* Dos and Don't of actually hunting ghosts - a great list
* What types of abnormalities you might encounter (draining of batteries, cold spots, etc...)
*Equipment to use
* EVPs (Electronic voice phenomena - voices not heard aloud in normal conversation, but in a playback situation.)
* Different types of psychic abilities - and how to test one.
* Reviewing your evidence
* How to put your own team together (Like Kendall)
* Plus some places to start investigating.

Chat Information: Chat with the Authors of The Other Side
What: Online Chat with Marley Gibson, Patrick Burns and Dave Schrader!
Where: TKA Chat Room
When: TONIGHT - Wednesday, October 21st @ 9pm ET
How To Chat: (1) Click on this link: (2) Enter a username and password (any combination) (3) Click Login

Spotted: Heist Society Book Cover

Isn't it gorgeous?
I love the reflections in the sunglasses
Check out what Ally Carter say about the cover here (plus a little more info about the book)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Teen Read Week Book 1: Dragonfly

The country of Holt threatens war in the known world upon the surrounding countries. Those countries form an alliance and make an unusual pact – requiring one prince and one princess to marry. When the Fourth Crown Princess of the Blue Crescent Islands arrives in Gerfal, she’s unhappy with her new situation and insulted by Gerfal’s lack of protocol. They know nothing of her ways. Taoshira’s not used to such treatment and takes offense. Neither she nor her betrothed, Prince Ramil, are interested in this alliance. They realize they must perform the duty their countries ask of them, but that was before their kidnapping, the religious persecution, and their imprisonment. Can they find a way to work together in order to survive?

Written in alternating perspectives, this novel flows beautifully and is an addicting tale. I don't particularly like this cover, it's really hard to see the face on my copy. I love Tashi’s feisty attitude and independent streak. Julia Golding writes a fantastical romantic masterpiece full of adventure, betrayal, near misses, combat, and loyalty.

*If you're a fan of Graceling and Fire, you don't want to miss this tale*


Things to do:

1. Visit Libraries for wicked cool events all over the world
(At Otis we have free teen books up for grabs, Dungeons and Dragons night, Screening of the movie Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, and Creating Ice Cream Sundaes)
2. Visit YALSA (ultra cool librarian club) to check out which books make it into the
Teens Top Ten - aka books you LOVE
3. Visits author sites - giving out free books
4. Visit READERGIRLZ who are hosting their annual awesome chatting with authors event all week long.
5. Enjoy a great book, talk about books, or introduce someone to your favorite books

Friday, October 16, 2009

Van Alen Legacy

Schuyler and Oliver are on the run - and have been for the past year. Just when they think they might catch a break, disaster strikes. Jack appears. And right behind him - a whole slew of Silver Bloods wanting Schuyler. After a battle of sorts, Schuyler decides not to return home. But a sickness pushes her back to New York where she's concoct a plan to keep Oliver safe. Given the battle in Paris, the Blue Bloods now realize the Silver bloods have emerged once again - a fact they didn't want to believe at first. Now that she's back in the city, other forces are at work. Bliss is fighting her own inner demons trying to understand reality. Mimi just might have found her own happiness outside of her dutiful life while she helps track down information. Jack complicates the relationship between Oliver and Schuyler just by being there. Is it worth the risk? How far will the Silver Bloods go and what do they really want and how can Schuyler save the world?

The fourth book in the series starts a year after the showdown Schuyler witnessed. It's takes a little bit to get into the book mostly because so much has happened, but once you're hooked - it's leaves you waiting for the next installment. Romantic drama, danger, inner demons, struggling with yourself vs expectations, and family drama make this series one not be missed. Oh by way - it's about vampires too :)


1987: James graduates from college and expects to be traveling across Europe drinking, flirting, and taking in the sights until on graduation day, his parents inform in that they no longer have the funds to support his summer vacation. He's forced to take a job - the only job he's qualified to take is a games guy at an amusement park. It's the job from hell. But he meets interesting people and tries to acclimate to his new sucky life.

It's an off beat hilarious movie - full of angst and awkward moments.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Breast Cancer Site for Teen Girls

Tis the season: to bring attention to Breast Cancer

Here's a site for teen girls on a self exam technique

And for Paying It Forward (or Living your Five go YA authors!) you can go to this site and click to provide free mammograms.

Spotted: Girl in the Area

I love the cover of this book. It sparks my interest and is in my TBR pile. Doesn't it look good?
Check out this funny promo video

Gingerbread Pirates

A wickedly cute picture book about a boy names Jim who makes gingerbread cookies with this mother on Christmas Eve. He insists that they make pirate ones and takes Captain Cookie into bed with him. The cookies come alive in the night and Captain Cookie wants to know where his crew has gone. He goes off in search of them and discovers...Santa Claus. The awesome drawings complete this fun tale and I can never pass up a good Christmas story.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Witches Win!

The Poll closed and Witches were nominated as the favorite type of Halloween books to read.

Here's a listing of a few of my favorites:

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Betraying Season

Penelope feels inferior to her twin sister's magical abilities and now spends her days studying in Ireland under the care of their former governess. Ally, a newlywed, is having a hard pregnancy, forcing Pen to spend most of her days indoors, studying. Pen doesn't mind much until she meets Lady Keating. Lady Keating takes Miss Leland under her wing introducing her to society's people, plus playing matchmaker between Penelope and her handsome son. However, she has an ulterior motive - and a plot in motion. Will Penelope fall under her spell or will she use her studies to help untangle herself from Lady Keating's clutches?

A romantically magical tale complete with double crossings, domineering mothers, a seduction, and the power of women's magic. A sweet sequel to the Bewitching Season (my review is mrdarcy3.
I'm loving this series and I do hope the adventures continue.

Here's the official booktrailer:

Friday, October 9, 2009

Blood Promise

Rose made the choice to hunt down Dimitri in the Strigoi form and kill him, but she has no idea how hard her decision will make her life. First of all, she has to leave Lissa. Then she has to find Dimitri. In a roundabout way, she ends up at his family home in Russia, where she tells them her story. They mourn his death and welcome her into the family. Anyone can see how she feels for him. Rose wants nothing more to stay there, but she knows she's just at the beginning of her journey. When she tracks down Dimitr, she can't help but fall under his spell as he keeps her prisoner. He wants her to turn to the dark side with him. Rose doesn't want to when she's herself, but then he comes in and confuses her. Is she strong enough to escape and do what she came to do?

I love this series. It's so full of twists and turns - surprising the daylights out of me. Plus each book hangs ona massive cliff hanger that makes the wait time very hard. I love the cover. I love the relationship between Lissa and Rose - and how that's changing.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Halloween Masterpiece

I'm making a fantastic (hopefully) display for spooky books, thrillers, and all things paranormal here at the library.I'm going things a little bit differently this year as all my display spots are filled with TRW books (massive Sf/fantasy display) and Fall into A Good Book with leaves and yellow, red, and orange books.
So I'm creating a wall display - which is great because I wasn't sure what to do with the space. But I've printed out a million (more like 50) book covers from ghosts, thrillers, eerie mysteries, vampires, and strange happenings. I'm going to post them up along with a Grave Tales sign. With some tombs on either side.
But the best part about the display will be at the bottom of my desk where there will be painted grass and nestled in the grass will be awesome tomb stones with hilarious names - some of which I found here.

As you can see I have high hopes for this display.

Also check out my new poll: Your Fave Halloween Subjects

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Results are in:

Most of you are like me and read/watch series in order.

Now I have evidence when my husband tries to convince me to watch something out of order in a series we're usually watching. He doesn't win, but it doesn't stop him from trying.

Cover Released:

Love it
What do you think?

Happy Release Day!

Looks really great - but cold

Can't wait to read!

Sounds intriguing - loved the Uglies series

Read this early - LOVED it!
She's one of my new favorite authors.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Created: Witches Book Trailer

Just a favorite book from the past to get excited for the spookiness of October

39 Clues: Black Circle

Amy and Dan receive a telegram with instructions to find a place where they will discover the answer to their next location for a clue. There they uncover two disguises and two plane tickets to Russia. Hot on their trail are several family members, and while uncovering the tasks to get the clue, Amy and Dan realize that they're not going to be able to solve all the tasks under the time restriction. So they do the unthinkable - they team up with the Holts. They each cover three locations, where they find and solve each piece of the clue before passing along the information. But someone doesn't want them getting too close and they're doing their best to make sure the kids don't find the secret room. Has Amy and Dan's luck run out, or will they put themselves ahead again in the race for the thirty-nine clues?

THE BLACK CIRCLE continues with the worldwide treasure hunt that leaves Amy and Dan in a spotlight of danger. Their puzzle-solving skills leave them as the family team to beat. This series is an amazing adventure to devour.

Sweet Life of Stella Madison

Stella's not a foodie like her separated parents - but that doesn't stop her from accepting an internship writing about food. She's saving up to buy a car so she doesn't have to bum rides off her two best friends and her current boyfriend. Stella's not known for long term relationships, but with Max it might be different. She likes spending time with him. Plus, he makes her laugh. But why does he have to say he loves her? She's not sure how she feels about him, but those words make her want to bolt - especially when she learns his parents were high school sweethearts. Plus, the new intern at her mom's restaurant catches her eye. He's older, dreamy, and flirty. She's told him about Max, but that doesn't stop her from hanging out with him and wanting to kiss him. How can she stay true to herself if she doesn't know what she wants?

Stella struggles through finding herself in life and in romance. First she must deal with unresolved issues that surface while taking on a challenging summer internship and learning she knows more about food than she thinks. Zeises writes an entertaining and thoughtful novel about choices and learning how to be comfortable in your own skin.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Banned Book Week Display @ Otis Library

So this is my first attempt at using the Flip Camera...obviously I need to play around with it more as its sideways and a bit shaky...

And it's in two parts

Part 2....

Murder at Longbourn

Elizabeth, just dumped by her two-timing boyfriend, has no plans for New Year's Eve. Her best friend invites her to spend the weekend with her and her boyfriend - but Elizabeth knows that he's about to propose and declines. Instead, an invitation arrives just in time - to her favorite Aunt's Bed and Breakfast. She's called it Longbourn after their Jane Austen novel. She's hosting a murder dinner and begs Elizabeth's help. When Elizabeth arrives, she's surprised to find her childhood nemesis Peter is also helping her Aunt. Annoyed, she can't help but pick up where they left off name calling and arguing. They vow to help Aunt Winnie to the best of their abilities, but things go desperately wrong during the entertainment. When the lights go out signaling the "death" of an actor - a unpleasant man is discovered dead.
He's caused trouble for numerous people - including Aunt Winnie herself. He wanted to purchase the property that went to Winnie and he's been making a nuisance of himself trying find a way to get ti back. He threatened her when he arrived as well. Aunt Winnie has a past and Elizabeth's sure the police will focus on her as the prime suspect. When she's proved right, she's determined to do anything to stop that from happened. She doesn't know the towns people but that doesn't stop her from digging into their lives. She's stuck in the house with several suspects and it's possible that someone's unhappy with her snooping.

A cute modern day mystery with a Jane Austen similarity- plus plenty of your favorite quotes thrown in and several characters based on those from her novels. An extremely fun mystery.

Spotted: Tera Lynn Childs talking about Banned Books

Check out her posts for the week on the 10 most challenged Classic books, recent books banned, how you can help stop the banning of books, and the right to read.

Here's her post a piece of her post at Books, Boys, and Buzz:

"My mom, a fairly politically vocal person and one with extremely strong beliefs, always says:
I may not agree with what you say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it.
I think that sums up the essence of Banned Books Week pretty well. It's not about what the books say or why they say them or who the authors are, it's about the right to say and write and read whatever we want. It's about the choice."

How awesome is that? I LOVE that quote. And it sums up the essence perfectly.