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Fall TV for Teens: Part 2

It's time for new TV shows. Which shows will make it and which will bite the dust? Here are a few TV shows your teens might be talking about and some books to suggest for similar reads. 

For more TV show news, check out the list of plots from Entertainment Weekly

Plot: After the death of his sister, her brother infiltrates the elite college's secret societies to uncover the truth about her death.
Why they will like it: Secret societies and college
Book Pairings:
The Liar Society (The Liar Society, #1)The Conspiracy of Us (The Conspiracy of Us, #1)Secret Society (Secret Society, #1)Secret Society Girl (Secret Society Girl, #1)

Brainy Bunch
Plot: Former military dad stays home to teach his kids, who are geniuses. 
Why they will like it: Sounds like the Big Bang Theory with kids/teens
Book Pairings:
UngiftedMission Unstoppable (The Genius Files #1)Artemis Fowl (Artemis Fowl, #1)

Johnny Knoxville Project
Plot: What inspired 12 year old Johnny to become a famous prankster
Why they will like it: Pranks from a 12 year old.
Book Pairings:
The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-BanksThe Great Greene HeistDouble Vision (Double Vision, #1)

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Blog Tour: YA Thrills and Chills

Halloween is on the horizon, and for many of us that means binge watching and reading all the scary stories that we can get our hands on! Because scary stories so often involve hapless teenagers who unwittingly fall into deadly scenarios involving monsters, killers, and the occasional psychopath we asked young adult thriller and horror authors Rin Chupeco, Natalie Richards, Patty Blount, and Allan Stratton to share the advice they would give their characters to help them make it out of the story alive!

Rin Chupeco (The Suffering):
 I'd suggest that Okiku take a vacation every now and then. She hasn't had any in over three hundred years and it tends to make her cranky. Hawaii is nice almost all year round. She loves hot springs, so even a weekend getaway in Kyoto would improve her mood tremendously. I'd say the same thing for Callie, too – she worries way too much. Surprisingly, I don't have much advice to give Tark. After everything he's gone through, it's a wonder he's still sane.

Natalie Richards (My Secret to Tell)
I think I’d tell Emmie to ease up on herself.  In fact, one of her mentors does say that early on in My Secret to Tell, but my characters never listen.  Believe me, I’d know.  But Emmie really wants to make people happy.  When there are failings or wounds in her family or her friends, she’s always there trying to make it right, trying to fill up the holes.  But it’s a hard thing and Emmie’s spread awfully thin.  And frankly, with her lifelong friend and crush, Deacon, on the run from the police, Emmie ends up helping way more than she probably should, but that’s what love does to us, right?  We all go a little farther than we plan when our hearts are on the line.

As for Deacon, I think I’d tell him to let himself heal.  Deacon lost his mother—he actually discovered her when she died—and he’s sort of stuck in his grief, even though it’s been years.  Sometimes grief can do that.  It can shut a person down and leave them shadows of their former selves.  He’s a bit broken, really.  A little closed off and reckless and untrusting.  But the trouble with being stuck in grief is that you can’t always just hop over the hard parts.  Sometimes lots of little things have to work together to see you through to the other side.  That’s what Deacon’s journey is about in many ways.  That and, of course, trying not to go to prison. 

Patty Blount (Nothing Left to Burn)
To trust that nothing is permanent. No matter how bad things feel right now, there is always a change coming.

Dear Dad,
I promised Matt I’d do this—become a Junior Cadet. That I wouldn’t let you break me down. I know you hate me. Blame me for everything you lost. But that day I lost my brother and my dad. You could never be proud of me, could you? I was too “different.” So, just in case you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m saying good-bye. Maybe someday you’ll miss me.

Reece’s words make her ache. Amanda understands wanting to belong. As a foster kid, she only feels at home at the firehouse where she volunteers. She wants to help Reece, but his dad is her boss. And she won’t risk her place as a Junior Cadet—it’s all that she has. But when a string of arsons points to Amanda’s foster brother as the culprit, her whole world is about to go up in flames. And the only way for Amanda and Reece to save each other is to risk getting burned

Allan Stratton (The Dogs):
Don’t! Just don’t!

I mean, FGS, Cameron—don’t look out the window at the cornfields when it’s dark. Because for sure you’ll see shadows. And the shadows will move. And then what will you do? What will you think? So just don’t, okay?
And about the trapdoor to the attic: if a trapdoor to an attic is nailed shut, it’s because there’s something up there. Something you likely don’t want to see. So don’t even think about opening it. Just stare at the floor and pretend it doesn’t exist.

As for the old barn, there’s a reason it hasn’t been used in fifty years. Don’t ask. There just is. You know it. Also, anyone who ever worked there is dead by now. Like the farmer who got ripped apart by his dogs. You know the story, right? So don’t go there.
Don’t go into Mr. Sinclair’s barn either. He has a meat grinder. Ever wondered how people get rid of dead bodies? No? Good. Because it would only upset you.

And while we’re on the subject of being upset, don’t think about your father. And for sure, don’t phone him. You and your mom have been on the run for years. You know why too. He almost killed her. And, okay, maybe she’s a little paranoid, but maybe she isn’t. Maybe all the things she can’t tell you are true.

So like I said, if you think of doing something: Don’t. Just don’t.

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Action Books: A Genre Guide

I'm over at the YALSA HUB blog talking about Action Books with a Genre Guide. I love a good action books.

Check it out and leave a comment with your favorite action book!

Top Ten Tuesday: If You Like Royal Reads

This week's topic is  Ten Books To Read If You Like... I'm choosing Royal Books. I love reading about Princesses and Princes. It  doesn't mater what age group, I love them all. I hope you do to. 



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Percy Pack: In Depth Look at Magnus Chase

The new book comes out in a week, but you can start reading it TODAY!

Exclusive Excerpt: Debut Chapters 1-5 of Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard, Read it here.

 Meet the Characters, download character cards below:

Book Trailer: 

 #NorseCrashCourse and Scene Setters
Follow @RickRiordan on Instagram and @CampHalfBlood on Twitter for a series of scene-setters and #NorseCrashCourse content gearing up for MAGNUS CHASE AND THE GODS OF ASGARD

Looks Great right?

Banned Book Week

In the past I've talked A LOT about Banned Book Week - so I'm just going to point you to some of those posts because they're still important and still valid.
Banning books still happens. It's not ok. It's fine if you want to decide not to read a book, but no one has the power (expect your parents if you're a kid) to tell you what you can or can not read.
ALA Poster
Censorship: My post from 5 years ago
Favorite Banned Books
Game: A few years ago, my co-worker and I made this Banned Book Bingo
Quiz on the history of Banned Books
Poem from Ellen Hopkins

* Read more about banned or challenged books

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Adult Review: Eye Candy

 * First in a trilogy *
Lydia invented a new boyfriend to her work colleague. Now she's been invited to an important networking weekend with him. And her ex-boyfriend will be there.

Lydia's not sure what to do, but she knows that she must attend and not alone. When her friend suggests she hire someone for the weekend, Lydia recoils. But she's desperate.

Phelps is perfect for her - even though he's a little immature. He brings her out of her shell and makes quite an impression. So much so that they're expected to attend other functions together. Is there a chance for romance?
My Thoughts: I loved this book. Lydia was addicted to candy; I loved hearing about her favorite kinds. 

I liked the moments between her and her co-workers - from the jellyfish moments to the honest conversations and judgments.

I loved the moments between Phelps and Lydia - the banter, how he helped bring her out of her shell, and especially his playful moments.

I liked the unfinished business between Lydia and her ex-boyfriend. They had some moments together.

I loved Lydia working on her jewelry and thinking of taking a chance a pursing her creative passion. It inspired me to do some looking at my own life choices and creative passions.

Cover Thoughts: Cute
Source: Purchase
Alternate Paperback Cover:
Final Thoughts: I can't wait to read the next one! 

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Review: Orphan Queen

* First in a duology*
Wilhelmina is a princess without a homeland. Years ago, her parents were murdered in front of her eyes. A boy helped her escape her kingdom unharmed. Now she and a band of her people hope to take back her land.

Wil and her BFF Melanie forge documents and impersonate two ladies to gain access to the palace of her enemies. Will must complete tasks and uncover secret information to bring back to her team.

She meets the Black Knife in the city. The vigilante's already suspicious of her. The more time she spends with him, the more she stops viewing him as a threat.

With two secret identities to keep, Wil know she's only at the palace for a limited time. She only hopes that she isn't discovered and thrown to the wolves. She can't let her people down...
My Thoughts: I really enjoyed this book - learning why Wil didn't have a homeland, the magical creatures destroying the land, and how she infiltrates her enemies castle. I loved her sense of loyalty and love, but how she also had lines that she would not cross.  I liked her thieving ways and her interaction with the Black Knife. 

I liked her friendship with Melanie - even though they had their moments of distrust. I'm interested to see how the exiled Princess will move forward with regaining her kingdom. 

Cover Thoughts: Impressive
Source: Sent for Review
Final Thoughts: I can't wait to read The Mirror King - to uncover what happens next.

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Books I'm Dying to Read November Edition

With cooler weather, I'm looking forward to reading these books on the longer nights inside, maybe in front of the fire with some adult hot chocolate. Plus more Christmas books!

Promises I MadeDangerous LiesHotel Ruby
Promises I Made: Sequel to Lies I Told and I can't wait to see how it all turns out
Dangerous Lies: A teen in witness protection program
Hotel Ruby: Eloise thriller

Da Vinci's TigerSoundless
Da Vinci's Tiger: A Renaissance novel (one of my favorite time period)
Soundless: new fantasy seeped in folklore!

Just VisitingEverything But the Truth (If Only . . ., #6)For the Record
Just Visiting: Best friends go on a roadtrip
Everything But the Truth: A Cinderella story
For the Record: A rising stars needs to make her band fall in love with her and their new found fame

Neverseen (Keeper of the Lost Cities, #4)
 Neverseen: Book 4 in the series where Sophie's in trouble - again!

Queen (The Blackcoat Rebellion #3)Watch Your BackLet It Snow
Queen: Can't wait to read the last of this trilogy
Watch Your Back: Winter thriller - set in Vermont
Let It Snow: Winter romance (need I say more?)

Death Takes PriorityA Likely Story (Library Lover's Mystery, #6)Rest Ye Murdered Gentlemen
Death Takes a Priority: New cozy series that looks great and set in a small town
A Likely Story: Love this cozy series featuring a Library director
Rest Ye Murdered Gentlemen: New cozy series that looks great and a Christmas tale

Tricky Twenty-Two (Stephanie Plum, #22)All Dressed in White (Under Suspicion, #2)
Tricky Twenty Two: One of my favorite series
All Dressed in White: Loved the first book, looking forward to book 2 in this series about cold cases

Kid Athletes: True Tales of Childhood from Sports LegendsThis Way HomeFast BreakLola Levine Is Not Mean!
All Perfect for upcoming summer reading program:
Kid Athletes: Famous athletes and their childhoods
This Way Home: Basketball and taking a stand
Fast Break:  MG - Basketball and the foster care system
Lola Levine is Not Mean: Early chapter book: Competitiveness and soccer

Great Moments in Chocolate History: With 20 Classic Recipes From Around the World
Great Moments in Chocolate History: does it come with chocolate? Honestly the title sold me on this at BEA

Already Read and Loved
Hello?The Girl Who Could Not Dream
Check back for reviews on these too.
Hello? - YA