Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What's on My Hold List (3)

My Librarian friend Jess from I Read to Relax came up with a great idea.  It's to highlight the books on hold at the library. I usually have 20-40 items checked out at the library and another 20 items on hold.
 The Dead of Night: Cahills vs. Vespers
I seriously love the 39 Clues books - they are SO addictive! I'm super happy they come out every 3 months.

LOVE this series! I've gobbled up the last 6.

Loved the first book in this series!

I bought the first one for my niece - can't wait to share this one with her.

I can't wait to share this one with Emily too! Great series about four friends and their unique qualities.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

National Eating Disorder Awareness Week

Since this is such a huge factor in the lives of teens, I've put together a display at the library.

For online information, check out the site. Also Seventeen's participating.

It's labeled  Healthy Inspiration, NOT Thinspiration

The full display

Here are the book marks I created for the display - the front has a girl looking in the mirror and the back contains a book list

Close ups of the display:
 A Body Peace Treaty (signed up celebrities)

Close up of the sign - image from Proud2Bme

 Altered from the Seventeen site

Monday, February 27, 2012

If You Like... Hart of Dixie

If You Like… is a feature highlighting blogger recommendations for books, authors, TV shows, movies, and music based on the things you already know and love. This week’s post includes recommendations based on the show Hart of Dixie, about a city girl fresh out of med school who experiences a major culture clash when she begins practicing medicine in a small southern town.

If you like Hart of Dixie, you might like

Oscar Fashion

I didn't see a lot of dresses that I loved
My favorite dress of the night - just gorgeous!

Others I liked:

I didn't see this one until this morning going through the photos - but I like it!

His first Oscars - and he was so excited to be there - you could tell from the interview. 

There were others who looked great, but I wasn't a fan of their dresses. 

As for the men: it's hard to stand out, but Colin Firth, Bradley Cooper, and George Clooney all looked dashing (as always)

Who did you think looked amazing last night?

Sunday, February 26, 2012

20 Personal Libraries

Did you see the article? I love looking at libraries.  While I admit most of these libraries are attractive - they also give off an academic vibe to me.

These two are my favorites:
There are tons of books here and a great staircase

I love the windows on this one

  Check out the rest here

Sunday Matinee: In Time

I showed this at the library earlier in the month.

 This reminded me a little bit of The Adjustment Bureau.

What I liked:

The concept of time as currency

Justin Timberlake: I thought it was a great role for him. He was cocky without being unlikable. He was a fighter - both mentally and physically.

The time on your arm - neat idea

I really like the different type of role for Amanda Seyfried. I really like her. Plus she had great dresses.

What I didn't like:

My Husband's view:
Not a bad movie.
The whole stealing time part didn't make sense. Wouldn't everyone do it as the minutes ticked down. You would have nothing to lose and it seemed so easy breaking into the banks.
Also if it was really that easy to transfer time - wouldn't more people be killing each other and stealing time.

Which makes a whole lot of sense to me.

Overall, I liked it. I was happy to watch it. I thought it would bring in more teens to the library.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Mysterious Saturday Review: Lord and Lady Spy

Lady Smythe doesn't know her husband of five years. They rarely spend any time together. He knows nothing of her secret life, which is why she's dumbfounded to learn he holds a secret identity as well.

She uncovers his identity during a secret rendezvous following her recent unemployment. With the Napoleonic Wars over, England won't be needing her services.They also won't be needing her husband's services either. However, there is one spot vacant. Both are requested to attend a midnight meeting if they hope to keep their jobs. As they move in the shadows towards the meeting, they uncover each other's secret during a fight.

Adrian's impressed with his wife's skills and shocked to learn she's The Saint.

At the meeting, Lord and Lady Smythe are asked to take on one final mission - solve a murder for Lord Liverpool. The one who uncovers the identity of the murderer (where the police could not) is allowed to keep his or her job. Will they be able to work together or will their competitive nature, their mistrust of each other, and their emotions force them to battle each other?
My Thoughts: I really enjoyed this romance mystery. I liked how Lord and Lady Smythe had martial problems - which stemmed from several miscarriages and not spending time together. However, each enjoyed their spouse's company. I love that Lady Smythe hid herself behind horrible dresses. I loved her sense of adventure, determination, and independence.  I liked how they found their romance again (or really for the first time). I liked how they each had different ways of investigating and interrogating witnesses.  I heard there might be more of their adventures coming. I sure hope so.

Cover Thoughts: Fun

Source: My Library

Friday, February 24, 2012

Adult Review: Romancing Mister Bridgerton

Many years ago Penelope Featherington fell in love with Colin Bridgerton.  He's her best friend's brother.  He's also never given her a second glance.

Penelope and Eloise have both been eligible for marriage years ago. neither of them has found the right man to marry.  Eloise has received marriage proposals, but no one has asked for Penelope's hand.

It didn't help that upon her coming out her mother chose the wrong style and colors for her dresses. She looked so hideous that even Lady Whistledown commented on her poor choice of clothing.

Doomed to be a wallflower, Penelope watched society.  To those who know her well, her wit doesn't come as a surprise. What might come as a surprise is the secret she's been keeping for years.

Will Colin finally notice Penelope as a woman?

My Thoughts: Still adoring this series. I LOVE Penelope's secret. I love her determination, her friendship with Lady Danbury, and her heart.  Lady Danbury is hilarious. Portia Featherton is horrible - but I love her interactions with Colin. Felicity Featherton is sweet and affectionate towards her sister. I wish there had been more interaction with Penelope in the earlier books.  I quite adore this series. It's all I've been reading lately.

Cover Thoughts: Cute

Source: Inter-Library Loan

Tween (Middle Grade) Reads survey

If you're a librarian - please consider taking this short survey:

The Eastern CT YA Librarian Round Table met last week to discuss tween reads.

We put together a booklist:
But in talking about these books, we had a series of questions about placement, duplicates, and others.
I put together a quick survey. - six questions.  If you have the time, please take it.


Thursday, February 23, 2012

Adult Review: An Offer from a Gentleman

* Book 3 in the Bridgeton series - read my reviews for the first and second book *

Sophie Beckett has a wicked stepmother who orders her to do the work of three servants.  Her two step-sisters haven't ever stood up for her. Her father never claimed her while he was alive, although he made sure she was educated. Upon his death, her life changed for the worse.

One night, she attends a ball - a Bridgeton ball. There she dances with Benedict Bridgerton who makes her feel like a princess. It's a magical night for her. Except her stepmother discovers her identity from the scuff marks on her shoes. 

Sophie leaves the only home she's ever known and goes into service.  She meets Benedict Bridgerton again while serving at a house party. She's in a tough spot. Benedict rescues her.  He offers her shelter and will make sure she finds a position in his mother's household. During their trek, he falls ill. Sophie nurses him.

She's never forgotten their moment together. However Benedict doesn't recognize her.  She can't help but feel deeply for him. Could she win the gentleman's heart?

My Thoughts: I love this twist on the Cinderella story. This book was different from the two previous Bridgerton novels.  Sophie's heritage leaves her place in society questionable. I love her interactions with the Bridgerton household.  The only criticism I have of this book is the fact the Sophie harps on her station in society too much. It seemed like she kept using the same arguments over and over.  I still devoured this one and loved the same aspects as in the previous books: the Bridgerton family, their easy banter, their way at stumbling into love, their charm, and their wit.

Cover Thoughts:  Love the slipper and how it connects the book to as Cinderella story

Source: Inter-library loan

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Adult Review: I've Got Your Number

Poppy Wyatt has lost her engagement ring. It's a family heirloom. She's devastated and panics. She can't tell her fiancee. As she's trying to sort out the nightmare, her phone's stolen from her hand.

Luckily she spies a phone in the trash. Without thinking, she takes it. After giving out the new number to the hotel where she lost her ring, the phone rings almost immediately. A man is on the other end expecting his personal assistant.

After bantering back and forth, Poppy convinces him to allow her to use the phone - just in case someone calls with information about her ring. In return she agrees to forward all his messages to him.

As she starts reading the messages, she begins to uncover information abut Sam.  The more she uncovers the more questions she has for him.  She finds him stubborn and cold in his replies.  Would he really mind if she sent out a message or two on his behalf?

Meanwhile, she's still hiding the fact that her ring's gone missing. She's trying get Magnus's parents to like her and to feel comfortable in their presence.  As the wedding date draws nearer, she must answer some tough questions about herself.

My Thoughts: I'm a huge Sophie Kinsella fan (One of these days I need to read the Madeline Wickham books too). I devoured this book. I laughed several times while eating lunch one day in the staff room and thus have convinced a fellow book lover to try out her books. I hated all of Poppy's friends. They were hideous.  Poppy reminded me a little bit of Becky - without the crazy spending, but with getting herself into trouble.  There were awkward moments, hilarious moments, and sweet moments.  I loved the conversations between Poppy and Sam.   A fabulous charming read.

Cover Thoughts: It's growing on me, but I'm not in love with it

Source: My Library

What's on My Hold List (2)

My Librarian friend Jess from I Read to Relax came up with a great idea.  It's to highlight the books on hold at the library. I usually have 20-40 items checked out at the library and another 20 items on hold.

Here's a look at what I'm waiting to read:

It's the 15th book in this delicious murder mystery with baked goods series. I adore it! This one focuses on Jazz Festival weekend. 

The 2nd book in the Library Lovers mystery series. I really loved the first one

I love the PaperCrafts books - I asked for this one to be ordered. I always find tons of craft ideas from them.

The 5th book in the charming Bridgerton series starting with the Duke and I.  This is coming from another library and I'm quite impatient for it.

The 2nd book in the Clarity series. I devoured the first one and I'm so looking forward to reading more!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Review: The Last Princess

* This book comes out May 8th*

Princess Eliza Windsor witnesses her mother's death - a bite of a luscious and rare strawberry. 

Now, in the year 2090, England is failing.  Crops refuse to grow on the infertile land. People are hungry, scared, and angry. Yet, for Princess Eliza, things carry on almost as normal.

One man has risen in the eyes of the people. He's the man responsbile for killing her mother. He's also the man who shoots her father in the middle of a ball.  She watches her father die seconds before fleeing the ballroom. Together her sister, the Queen, and brother attempt to escape the palace. Only Eliza makes it to freedom.

She's determined to save her family. Eliza joins her enemy's training camp where she spends her days training and spying.  She learns the location of the prison where her siblings spend their days.  Can she sneak into the Tower of London and rescue her family? What about the rest of her people? Can she help her people gain access to food and safety? Is her family and her country doomed?

My Thoughts: I really really liked this one. I loved the setting of futuristic England. I loved the royalty angle. I loved Eliza for her bravery and determination. She's strong and feisty. I really liked her best friend Polly - she was loyal, smart, and determined to help her friend. I liked Wesley - he's friendly, knowledgeable, and has family connections. It's a very emotional read - there's love and friendship, anger and hate, sadness and loss, and death and betrayal.  There were moments that I found simply unbelievable  - just a few, but it kept me from loving the book. Still, it's a great read and I think teens will gobble it up. I'm awaiting the sequel!

Cover Thoughts: LOVE IT! The colors draw me in as do the shadows.

Source: Little Brown and Company - THANKS!

Up Next: The sequel comes out in May 2013

Artemis Fowl: The Last Guardian

The last Artemis Fowl comes out July 10th.I think the cover is great - but I hate when the art changes direction midway through the series.... I hate it when a great series ends. Are you excited to read the end???

Can't wait until then, read the first chapter here

Monday, February 20, 2012

Historical Fiction Challenge 2012

I can't believe I didn't write up this post before - but it was in the back of my head.YA Bliss (one of my favorite blogs) set this up last year and it was great way to consciously read more historical fiction.

I'm going to try for Level 3: 15 books

Here are books that I'm hoping to read

1.  Renegade Magic (Sequel to Kat, Incorrigible) 
2. Mastermind Plot (Sequel to Midnight Tunnel)
3. The Girl is Murder 
4. Grave Mercy
5. Ladies in Waiting 
6. Dark Mirror
7. Wrapped 
8. The Princess Curse
9. Bloody Jack
10. Lily of the Nile 
11. Courtship and Curses
12. Secret Letters
13. The Wild Queen
14. Scarlet
15. Spirit's Princess

Are you participating??? 

Adult Review: Dreaming of Mr. Darcy

At 31 Kay comes into some money. Knowing that her benefactress wants her to live her dreams, she quits her job and travels to Lyme Regis.  Once she's there, she falls in love with a bed and breakfast.

She purchases it on the spot - determined to live by the sea. Then she learns that a film company is in town filming the famous Persuasion. Kay adores Jane Austen. She's even been painting her version of Pride and Prejudice and she's calling it The Illustrated Darcy. Perhaps she will now focus her attention on Captain Wentworth.

When the film producer shows up on her doorstep asking if she has rooms ready, Kay is more than happy to oblige.  She's been fixing up the bed and breakfast in her spare time. It's not complete, but she's not about to turn down the opportunity to have actors and actresses stay with her.

Soon she's entangled with the actors/actresses - trying to play matchmaker, trying to be friends, and perhaps even trying to date the handsome movie start playing Captain Wentworth.  Would a movie star ever fall for a regular girl? Kay's happy enjoying her new life and daydreaming happily ever after endings to realize the hints dropping around her.

My Thoughts: As a Jane Austen addict, I was happy when this came into my library. I grabbed it and devoured it. I really loved the idea of Kay living in Lyme Regis and going after her dreams. I loved the filming crew coming to town and staying with her. Kay reminded me of Emma - getting  romantic entanglements mixed up. I found Adam (the screen writer) sweet. I found myself annoyed with Oli (Capt. Wentworth). I loved Adam's grandmother. All in all, a sweet fun story perfect for an afternoon. I passed the book on to my coworker who also loves Jane Austen. Plus now I need to read A Weekend with Mr. Darcy

Cover Thoughts: Cute! Love the village background

Source: My Library

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday Matinee: The Vow

I went to see this last night with a friend.

Things I liked about the movie:

* It was based off a real life couple -Krickitt and Kim Carpenter -and their journey together

*their first date - eating chocolate

* I liked the filming sequence - they were on a date and the accident happened. She was in a coma and then woke up. When she didn't recognize him, memories of their moments together (How they met, their first date, him asking her to move in) came interspersed with real time moments.

* Their wedding vows - were sweet

* how she tried to piece together her timeline from photographs

* the book part - when he asked her favorite book (James Patterson - The Beach House) How he thought she could experience falling in love with him again for their first time, just like being able to read your favorite book for the first time.

*their first second date was adorable  - a tour of their moments together

*I was a bit surprised at how much emotion showed between the two, mostly by Tatum, In other movies he's not very expressive, but here he let loose with his emotions and it was great.

Things I didn't like: 

* I have mixed feelings about the last scene. It's realistic and mirrors the first scene - but somehow I wish that there was a Mark Darcy/ Bridget Jones moment there.

* It was a traumatic experience for both of them - but sometimes their frustrations with each other went a little too far.

Overall: It was a charming sweet but highly emotional charged film. I really enjoyed it

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Mysterious Saturday Review: The Look of Love

* 2nd book in the Wedding Cake Mysteries - read my review of 

Piper's life isn't going as planned. When she receives an email asking her to create the wedding cake for Jillian Abernathy in LA, she jumps at the chance.

She's happy to spend a week at the elusive Elysium until she realizes that someone wants to stop Jillian from getting married. Someone wants her dead.

When she arrives at the spa, Piper hears rumors. There are guests not happy with the outcomes of the spa. Memories are reawakened.   Not long after she arrives, a guest is murdered in her private cottage.

 Danger is around every corner. Will Jillian be alive to make it to her big day?

My Thoughts: For my mysteries, I usually read cozies, but there are some authors/series I adore that isn't part of the cozy world. This is one of those series. I adore the multiple perspectives. The short chapters keep me turning the pages long after I should turn off my light at night. The huge cast of suspects always leaves me second guessing my own instincts on the murderer.  The twists and turns make me shake my head in amazement.  I loved this book. I loved the setting. I adore Piper. I'm interested to see where her relationship with Jack might go.  I can't wait to read more of this series! 

Cover Thoughts: LOVE it!

Source: my Library

Similar Read: Weep No More My Lady and A Body to Die For

Friday, February 17, 2012

Review: The One that I Want

Gemma and her BFF Addison meet two boys at camp. They're working on their majorette skills while the boys practice football.  One boy is the quarterback and the other the team's kicker who never misses.

Gemma likes Max and it appears that he likes her too. She doesn't understand why he'd ask out her best friend instead of her. The more time she spends with him, the more she likes him.

She hopes he'll notice her as something more than a friend, but she doesn't want to betray her best friend. Is there a way for both of them to win?

My Thoughts: I really love Jennifer Echols, but this isn't my favorite book of hers. I couldn't stop reading because I wanted to find out what happened.

The friendships of the book bothered me. I hated Addison. She was horrible. I wasn't fond of Gemma at times either. Together they don't mix well. I know these relationships do exist - but it was hard to read about them.

I hated Carter.  I hated the relationship between Carter and Max.

I liked Max - he was quirky and amusing. He said random things that got him into trouble. I really liked the conversations between Max and Gemma. 

Books with cheating partners isn't for me - I have a hard time forgiving the characters even if they're cheating with the one they're meant to be with.  By cheating I mean falling for your best friend's guy.

Ultimately I did like it, but it was hard getting past a few issues. I know that teens will gobble this book up.

Cover Thoughts: LOVE it! I really like the heart in the O too - a nice touch. Although the model is Asian and it's a big part of the book.

Source: my Library

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Review: The Darlings in Love

*sequel to The Darlings Are Forever*

Natalya is afraid she messed things up with Colin for good - until she gets a text from him saying he saw her in the park.  After much consideration she responds. The two begin playing chess again. Natalya isn't sure if she's reading too much into his behavior, but she knows her feelings for him haven't changed. Could he be hiding something from her?

Jane's been convinced to act in a student directed performance - that Mark's directing. The subject matter woos her and she starts considering his offer. Her co-star wins her over. Before long, Jane can't wait to run lines with Simon. Could he be her first boyfriend?

Victoria can't believe that she's dating Jack. He's the perfect boyfriend. She loves the time they spend together - just the two of them. However, they hang out with his music friends quite a bit. Soon Victoria's realizing that they don't have anything in common. Can they still make their relationship work?

My Thoughts: I really like the friendship between these three girls. It's strong enough for them to tell the truth about their romantic relationships. It's strong enough to cover for each other when they're sneaking out with their boyfriends. It's strong enough to support each other when boys break their hearts. It's strong enough for them to just have each other. While this book tackles mostly romantic entanglements, I think the real relationship of this book is their friendship. I do hope there's more adventures for the Darlings.

Cover Thoughts: I really liked the cover for the first Darling book. This just seems generic to me. It's cute and all - but kind of boring

Source: My Library

Similar Read: The Daughters