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Adult Review: Wedding Night

Lottie thought her boyfriend of three years was about to propose, but instead the question involves a trip. With her heart broken at a swanky London restaurant, Lottie walks out. It's quite clear that the thought of marriage hadn't crossed his mind.

Lottie's not sure what to do - until she runs into an old boyfriend. He reminds her of an old promise to marry each other if they were still unattached at thirty. Lottie fondly remembers their summer of love and agrees.

Now she's having a wedding in weeks and her sister's flipping out. Fliss knows her younger sister's impulsive streak after a break-up creates poor life choices. She's determined to stop this wedding  AT ALL COSTS.

My Thoughts: I'm a big fan of Sophie Kinsella's books. This wasn't my favorite, but it was still entertaining. I liked the relationship between the sisters. Fliss portrayed the mother-hen nicely, wanting to keep Lottie from making huge mistakes in her life. I liked Lottie for her impulsiveness and wanting to be happy. There were times when I wanted to shake both characters because they made poor or crazy choices (or both). The over-the-top antics made me giggle. A quick fun read perfect for the beach or sitting by the pool. 

Cover Thoughts: Cute
Source: My Library

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Mysterious Saturday Review: The Diva Frosts a Cupcake

 *Book 7 in the Domestic Diva series*

Sophie's best friend Nina has put together an amazing fundraiser for the local animal shelter - Cupcakes and Pupcakes. Animals are up for adoption in the town square along with booths selling dog and cat accessories and of course, cupcake booths.

The whole town is talking about the breakup of two bakery owners. Joy moved out and opened a rival bakery just across the street. Both bakers have a booth at the event, but both are struggling to get ready.

When their employee Muffin is discovered dead at the old bakery, it's hard not to wonder which of the two bakers killed her. Could one of the baker have murdered their own help?

My Thoughts: I really enjoy this series - I love the cast of characters. In this addition, I like the new potential love interest. I love the bakeries and the bakers and learning how they got started. Many of them have a past with some feuds sprinkled in. I loved the cupcake descriptions  I really liked the charity events. I thought Humphrey's new status with Renee and Myra was nice for him as he's always been the nerdy nice guy. Natasha is still amusing and over the top, but she provides comic release in the tension. A fun new chapter in this great series!

Cover Thoughts: Cute - love the addition of Natasha's new dog
Source: My Library

Friday, June 28, 2013

Review: The Moon and More

Emaline's lived in Colby her entire life. She loves it and yet, she's excited to leave at the end of the summer and head for college. She's spending the summer working for the family real estate agency/rental properties. 

In 24 hours, her entire life changes. She and her boyfriend of three years break up. Her father (who had a relationship with her mother at a very young age) is spending the summer near Colby with her half brother. 

Now she has a potential new boyfriend and a relationship with her father to fix. Will this summer be one to remember or one to forget?

My Thoughts: I'm a huge Sarah Dessen fan and I really liked this book, but I didn't love it. I had a problem with the romance. I can't say much without ruining the book, but I wasn't a big fan of Theo. While I didn't like the romance, I loved the rest of the book. 

I like that the book took place after high school and right before college - with all the unknown and worries about what's coming next. 

There were so many layers of relationships that were amazing. I loved Emaline's relationship with her mother and her Dad. I like how she struggled with her relationship with her father and loved Benji. Benji was sweet, funny, and great for comic relief. I loved Morris and his relationships with both Emaline and Daisy. I loved "Talk soon." I loved seeing old characters and familiar places. I really liked Clyde and his art. I found Ivy entertaining. I loved the ending scene - it was almost perfect.

Cover Thoughts: I like it, but it doesn't really match the book and there's no sand.
Source: My Library

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Teen Thursday Reviews

These are reviews from teens at the library, reading over the summer

Dare to You by Kate McGarry: 5 stars
this book is the best!!! it's about two characters from very different world and place who comes together unexpectedly. the first character is a guy name Ryan who from the outside people would think he is perfect. but at home he deals with a lot of complicated things including the fact that his brother is gay. but things get complicated when his friend dares him to ask the mysterious new girl at school,name Beth,out. and when things start to get heated between him and Beth and his parents disapprove, what will his choice be? the girl he is falling hard for or his family's command?

the second character is a girl name Beth. Beth is the mysterious girl who never let any one in her life,except for her two guy friends Noah and Isiah, so she wont get hurt. like Ryan, Beth sometime act confident and tough but she is going through a lot. including the fact that her mom is on drugs and get beat by her boyfriend. when an accident happen, Beth ends up in her uncle's custody. although she hates where she is but she can't help notices how things start to heat up between her and a jock name Ryan. although she know she is falling for him hard but how can she let her guard down after she has been hurt by so many people in her life? is she making the right decision by trusting this boy?

The Maze Runner by James Dashner: 4 stars
At first, I only started reading the book out of pure boredom but I never expected that I would get hooked! The story like many of my other reviewed books is a fast paced action and adventure.
As a young adult female, I found it fascinating to peer into the mind of an adolescent male. The main character is Thomas, a young boy who has no memories of who he is, where he is or anything else.
The story starts off with him covered in darkness, surrounded by a great amount of noise and in a crate. When the crate is opened, he is quickly urged to climb a rope by mysterious voices.
Just reading the beginning entraps you to go on. The next day, a girl arrives in the same area with a note telling the others that she is the last one. This is news that automatically shocks all of the others. Normally, only one person arrives per month. Now that two suspicious kids arrived in a row, the others grow weary of what's going on. Everything that they've ever known begins to change.
This is a world that is normally filled with just males who have built everything from their own hands. A civilization with jobs, a council and even growing their own crops.
But outside of their home, lies a gate that lies to a maze. And if you're caught in the maze after sundown, your fate is uncertain death. Thomas being a curious boy wants to go out into the maze.
As you follow his path to be different and possibly help him and the others escape what is none other than an experiment, you begin to wonder what kind of futuristic world would allow children to be faced in this kind of situation. Trust me, after reading, you'll be anxious until you read the next in the series and then the next.

Review: Pretenders

 * First in a new series that comes out in October*

Each year, five freshman are picked as the most outstanding of their year. They spent all year writing in journals - journals that no one would ever read. Now, the day before sophomore year, one of the five leaks their journals.

The anonymous person simply wants to the school to realize that they're all just a bunch of fakes - that they tried to hard, that they didn't portray themselves in a truthful manner, that they weren't the best five people in the class.

Their journals go out in an email to the entire class - who can read then and judge them.

My Thoughts: When I started reading this, I didn't realize it was the first in a series, so as I neared the end of the book, I kept expecting things to wrap up and they didn't. I really liked this book - lots of drama and humor. I loved the set up of the book - with each character having their own style of journal and their unique handwriting. I liked the mix of characters, guys and girls - used to be homeschooled kids learning the public school ways. As much as I liked the story, I did forget that the journals had been leaked - I think it would have been cool to see flashbacks and the present day in the same book. All in all, a fast read that leaves me wanting more.

Cover Thoughts: The cover just changed from this

While I like this older cover better, guys might pick up the red cover and thus have more appeal to teens.
Source: From the publisher 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What's On My Hold List (52)

My Librarian friend Jess from I Read to Relax came up with a great idea.  It's to highlight the books on hold 

Grace Takes Off: I really enjoy this series - so looking forward to Grace's new Italy!

Amelia Bedelia's First Library Card - This is going to be super cute!

Extreme Babymouse: Babymouse is always fun and entertaining!

Sink or Swim: a really fun fairy tale series where the tale changes because of two siblings! This one features the Little Mermaid.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday

This week's topic is Top Ten Books I've Read So Far In 2013. I"m going to create this list with Teen only titles.  So far this year, I've read 149 books (my goal is 365 and I'm 25 books behind). 

Crown of Midnight
Dark Triumph
The Elite
Falling Kingdoms
Dear Mr Potter
Perfect Scoundrels
Also Known As
Maid of Secrets
Grass is Always Greener
Let the Sky Fall

Teen Summer Romances

I'm over at the HUB today, talking about Summer Romance books.

Tween Tuesday Review: Famous

 *Book 18 in the Canterwood Crest series*

Lauren's BFF from home surprised her by transferring to Canterwood.  Now both Brielle and Taylor will be at school with her. Lauren's beyond happy. Brielle's rooming with Clare and things couldn't be better.

Until Clare catches Brielle acting strange. She mentions it to Lauren, but Lauren dismisses it. Clare mentions her fears to Khloe. Khloe talks to her roommate until Lauren has no choice but to bring it up with Brielle.

What she learns changes EVERYTHING. Now, Lauren's shell-shocked and buries herself in school work and riding. There's a new girl from Sweden who could rule the upcoming riding competition. Can LT get her emotions under control in time for the competition? 
My Thoughts: This is the last book that take places at Canterwood before the Super Special that ends the entire series. It's set up perfectly for the next book, which will take place in LT's hometown. I loved the ending of this book and the moment between Lauren and Sasha Silver. I liked the addition to Brielle to the group - even though it forced Lauren to work through some major issues. I wasn't all that surprised when the secret came out, but she handled it pretty well.  As sad as I am that this series will be ending, I can't wait to read the final book!

Cover Thoughts: Amazing as always
Source: My Library

Monday, June 24, 2013

Review: Indelible

Joy sees a mysterious cute stranger across the dance floor; someone she shouldn't be able to see. When he notices her, everything changes.  He attempts to make her unable to see him, but he fails.

Instead, he marks her as his property. Now, Joy sees monsters everywhere. They're giving her messages and she has no idea what's happening.

She soon learns she's supposed to give the messages to Ink. When he marked her, she became his property. Now she needs to pretend to care about him and to help him with his jobs. Joy must open her heart and make their relationship believable or it will be the death of both of them.

My Thoughts: I really enjoyed the start of a new paranormal series. I really liked Joy and her family as they struggled with changes in their lives. I liked her BFF - their moments together were funny and relieved some of the tension. I liked Ink and his sister. She was a little over-the-top in a good way. I fully confess there were a few scenes that I had to skim due to my personal fear of knives. A fun read with a unique world and a great romance.

Cover Thoughts: Pretty and meaningful
Source: From the author for review
Coming Soon: July 30th

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Adult Review: Apple Orchard

Tess finds lost treasures and restores them to their owners. She's a workaholic who loves her job - which doesn't leave her much time for a social life.

She's stunned to learn that she has a grandfather, nevermind that he just took a nasty fall and is currently in a coma. Her mother never told her the identity of her father. Tess has been named in her grandfather's will. Even though he's still alive, his fall set wheels into motion.

Now Tess travels to Bella Vista, the apple orchard she stands to inherit half of upon his demise. There she comes to know her half sister Isabel. Both girls are shocked to learn the truth about their past, but both are happy to find each other.

Tess stays at Bella Vista, letting the place warm her heart. She's heartbroken to discover that financial woes make it likely that the bank will take possession of it - and soon. Their banker and the manager of her grandfather's will, Dominic, does everything in his power to stop that from happening, but it might not be enough.

Now that Tess has found herself a family and her heart has loosened, she refuses to let go. She digs in trying to find something that will change the fate of Bella Vista. 

My Thoughts: A beautifully written novel, perfect for the start of summer and the start of a new series. I want to travel to Bella Vista as it sounds simply perfect. I loved Tess's job - it sounds amazing. I love how Tess felt about her new family; I liked how Tess and Isabel became close.  I liked learning about Tess's past.  I love how Tess found her way. I really liked Dominick and his kids, they added humor to the book. While I liked the multiple perspectives, I wished for a perspective from Isabel. I felt like for most of the book she was in denial about the likelihood of leaving her home and I wanted to know what she was thinking while going through this difficult time.All in all, a wonderful book on families, second chances, and love. 

Cover Thoughts: Beautiful
Source: My Library

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Mysterious Saturday Review: House Rules

* Book 7 in the Chicagoland Vampire series*

Merit and her house are still dealing with fallout from the powers that be. Ethan and the Cadogan House have decided to part ways and become a house without the Greenwich Presidium overseeing them. The day for the break-up looms and the house prepares for a potential war.

If that's not enough, word comes to Merit that two rogue vampires have gone missing. Upon investigating, the two turn up brutally murdered. The next vampire turns up dead - inside a locked house. Vampires have no end of enemies, but it's virtually impossible to enter a house without knowledge. 

Plus Ethan invited his ex-girlfriend to help smooth over the transition of the house with the Greenwich Presidium. Lacey's made it quite clear to Merit that she wants Ethan back. She's willing to expose Merit's most important secret.  Can Merit and her colleagues uncover the truth behind these murders before it destroys more relationships while trying to keep her relationship with Ethan and save their house from total destruction? 
My Thoughts: I really love this adult vampire series. I love Merit - she's snarky, witty, determined, and loyal. I liked the small interactions Merit had with Mallory. I enjoyed Merit and Lacey going toe to toe. I like how the Cadogan House handles business - even the business of leaving the protection of the Greenwich Presidium. I love the action, the danger, and the romance. I love how the vampires from the houses work together to uncover all the crazy deaths, destruction, and threats against them. A great installment to a fantastic series. 

Cover Thoughts: Dark and a little bit Dangerous.
Source: my Library

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Blog Tour: Super Pop!

If you're a fan of David Letterman's top ten lists, this book is for you! It's a list of Top 10s of books, movies, music, games, and TV shows. I love that it mixes everything up and seeing old and new favorites pop up on a list - like Hunger Games, Game of Thrones, 13 Reasons Why, Party of Five, Once More with Feeling, and Clueless.
Follow the Tour:

  Daniel Harmon is the author of Super Pop! Pop Culture Top Ten Lists to Help You Win at Trivia, Survive in the Wild, and Make It Through the Holidays, a pop culture connoisseur, and editorial director of Zest Books. 

Here's where you can find Zest Books / Super Pop!: 

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Review: Five Summers

Four girls attend camp - they find themselves in the same cabin their first year. They become best friends and spend the next five years living for the summers. Since camp ended, life took over and their friendships have fallen by the wayside. However, they have one more chance to come together: camp reunion.

All four of them will be there this year - for the first time in three years, they will all be together. Secrets will be shared, drama will ensue, romance might begin or end. Through it all, they always believed they would have each other. Can they find a way to come back together or will this weekend destroy them?

My Thoughts: I really enjoyed this book. I loved the multiple perspectives and how the plot moved through time from their first summer to the present day. Although, there was plenty of relationship drama, I really liked how the focus was on the four girls. I loved how different the four girls were and yet how they were so close. I felt bad for Jo, who seemed on the outside a lot of the time. I felt sorry for Maddie who hide a huge secret. I felt betrayed by Skylar on Emma's behalf. A great book on friendship and what it means. 

Cover Thoughts: Fabulous!
Source: My Library
Similar Read: Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Fierce Reads Tour

On Sunday, I attended the CT stop at RJ Julia's and it was a blast! Lots of laughter and lots of talking. Here's some notes on the tour. Sorry - the pictures I took came out terrible. 

Emmy Laybourne:
Can't stop smiling when describing her book about death and destruction. Blood type determines course of action. Intruders. Trying to escape to a evacuation site. Put aside issues (drama/romance) to find a way to survive. The storefront came from Target (because she's there a lot with her kids). Inspired by an article on blood types in Asian countries where blood determines your personality (kinda like horoscopes)

On Writing: She tries to write 5-8 pages a day - following a system. Inviting her characters each day to come chat with her, so she had to be there to to listen to them. Last thing she does each day is to read ahead on the outline to get her mental prepared for the next day.
Details outlines and send publishers and then starts to write the book when agreed but still surprised by the HOWs

Next book (after the last book in the trilogy) will be a fantasy

Jessica Brody: Wanted to try something different - a scifi suspense. Blank slate  for her character that's inspired by Bourne. It's about a girl who wakes up in the middle of a plane crash wreckage (there's a hidden significance to Flight 121) - unharmed except for the loss of her memories. She has no idea who she is - and no one else seems to either. The sequel will be out in February. 

When Writing: She only drinks coffee when she writes and she uses the computer without battery so she must finish writing before it dies. She follows a screenwriting writing technique where she has 15 plot points figured out and starts with those. If something changes (often happens), she replots from that change before starting to write again.  

Inspirations: Any book that was done well as you knew you couldn't write it is inspiring, Sophie Kinsella, and 
Christopher Pike

She didn't expect to like twitter - but treats it like a game. How can I say something significant in 140 characters or less!

Anna Banks: Mermaids! Merman prince searching for a girl who can communicate with fish. This girls seems to have the Gift of Poseidon, but she doesn't know why she has this rare gift.. He tries to help her figure out who she is, knowing that if she's the girl he thinks she might be - she will have to marry his older brother. 

On Writing: Recently quit job and realized that in order to focus, she must actually get dressed and leave the house. She doesn't rely on outlines because she without them. She started reading romances at the age of nine and every book she writes will always have kissy scenes and a love story. 

Gennifer Albin: All the names in book have double meanings and she tried to make them easy to pronounce. Space and time can be seen manipulated and changed by young girls. Adelice has that gift, but her parents have been training her to hide it. They don't want her using her power, but they haven't told her why. On the day of her testing, something goes wrong and Adelice life changes.

On Writing: Used to be creature of habit, but since having kids, she has learned to write anywhere. She completed the first draft of Crewl in November for Nanowrimo. However, when she tried to write the next book in the same manner, she found that it really needed an outline. Each book needs something a little bit different in terms of planning.

Would love to meet J.K. Rowling - who inspired her greatly.

Leigh Bardugo: Her Fantasy novels were inspired by czar Russia. Where Darkness comes with monsters. Alina is the orphan underdog. She a huge fantasy fan. Most fantasy worlds take after Medieval Europe (mainly England) and she wanted to change that - so she made her world Russian. 

On Writing: For her first draft, she needs noise, but in revising she using her computer without the internet so she won't be distracted. She sometimes skips ahead in the book to avoid writer's block. 

Inspirations: Dune, Wrinkle in time, and George R. R. Martin (whom she's met)

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tween Tuesday Review: Titanic series

Paddy never thought he'd be aboard the Titanic, but after a run-in with a gang where his brother goes missing (possibly murdered), he finds himself seeking safe passage. As a stow-away, he learns the layout of the ship and attempts to steer clear of everyone. It doesn't work.

He meets a steward - who lied about his age to work aboard the same ship as his father. When Paddy hears Alfie's secret, he blackmails the boy into helping him. Alfie befriends two of his charges: Sophie (who's mother's a well known suffragette and Julianna (who's father gambles excessively).  The four roam about the ship, helping each other out of tight situations, and uncovering the identity of Jack the Ripper.

Their lives change forever when the ship hits the iceberg. They pull together to save themselves and each other, but out of  2228 people, only 705 survived. 

My Thoughts: We read the first book for a 4th and 5th grade book club - everyone liked it. I felt like I needed to read the rest and find out what happened! They're fast paced books with the usual action, danger, and adventure from Gordon Korman. I really like how he wrote in facts about Votes for Woman and Jack the Ripper. I thought the beginning where Daniel figured out everything was interesting - very smart. I liked the twists and turns of the novel - but obviously knowing where the novel would end up due to history. 

Cover Thoughts: I love how they connect.
Source: My Library

Top Ten Tuesday

This week's topic: Top Ten Books At The Top Of My Summer TBR List. This is easy because I just participated in a video posting at the Hub. 

Check out my video (the first one) and the rest of ours.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Review: All I Need

Skye met the last night of summer. They had a perfect day together and planned to meet at the fountain the next morning to say goodbye and exchange digits. Only Seth never made it. He left Skye a note, which she never saw.

Skye keeps thinking of him during the next school year - wondering if he feels the same. They spend the next year just waiting for summer.

When it finally arrives - they find each other again. Sparks fly. With Skye still in high school and Seth in college, can they make their relationship work?
My Thoughts: I really loved this summer romance! I loved the multiple perspectives and knowing what each character thought.  I liked the differences in their relationship: age, family background, and friends - how each of these made them stronger as a couple but also caused havoc in their relationship. I love how the book started with summer and ended in summer - it was different than I thought it would be. I imagined this book was a summer romance that started and ended in three months. I liked that I was wrong - it makes the book a little unique. 

Cover Thoughts: Love it!
Source: my Library

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Mysterious Saturday Review: Storm Front

Derrick Storm's been given an assignment from the CIA - an assignment chasing a man he believed to be dead for years. When several dead bankers turn up tortured - Storm realizes Volkov's behind everything.

He chases the dead bodies from Paris to London and back to US soil. As he races to uncover the clues behind the bodies, he discovers a financial plot that could ruin everyone.

Can Derrick Storm stop Volkov from killing the last banker and gaining access to his evil plot?
My Thoughts: I love Castle - so of course I wanted to read about the character he wrote. I love the TV ties with these books.  Plus, I was genuinely curious about Derrick Storm. The short chapters, plot twists, and multiple perspectives made it hard to put down. I loved all the action - the car chases (especially the one on the New Jersey turnpike), things being blown up, and the confrontations with the bad guys. It read like a fun action flick with some tender moments and some moments of laughter to ease the tension.  I loved the opening line where the gondolier was described as ruggedly handsome. 

Cover Thoughts: Really like it - especially the dark colors.
Source: My Library
Curious: I'm curious to discover who wrote the book - I feel like I've read the author before, but I can't quite place it.
Fun Fact: I even caught my puppy reading it!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Mini Adult Review: Sea Glass Island

The last book in a trilogy of three sisters, starting over in their lives. This book focuses on the oldest - Samantha. Samantha went to New York fresh out of high school to become an actress. Now roles are coming further and further apart and she's not sure she wants to continue acting.

The Good: I liked how Samantha realized her heart wasn't in finding acting jobs anymore. I like how she figured out her next step in life, regardless of the other things happening in her life. I thought her romance with Ethan was sweet. I liked and admired Ethan - for all that he overcame, but also how he helped kids with similar issues. I liked the interaction and romance building between them. I loved Samantha's meddling sisters and grandmother. A sweet end to a wonderful trilogy and perfect beach reads. 

The Bad: The trilogy is over. 

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Mini Adult Review: Wind Chime Point

 Second book in a trilogy about three sisters who find love and a new direction from their busy lives. This one centers on Gabi - who's found herself pregnant and alone with no job. She heads back to the place she spent her summers to try to figure out her next move - with help from her grandmother and her two sisters.

The Good: I love the sisters' relationships - they throw snarky witty banter back and forth but are so loyal, it's sweet. I love how this family is growing in size and in love. The sisters are learning more about their past and getting to know their father in a new light. I like how Gabi's taken time from her former life and figuring out what she wants. I love the bit about glass blowing - it's something I've always wanted to try. I thought Gabi was strong, determined, and smart. All in all, a great read with small town charm, romance, and family.

The Bad: The only bad part was waiting for the next book to come out.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Books I'm Dying to Read: August Edition

Here's a list of books I can't wait to get my hands on come August!

Crown of Midnight: The ARC I wanted most at BEA - can't WAIT to read it!
Infinityglass: Can't wait to read the final book in the trilogy! Loved this series

Rose Harbor in Bloom: Really liked the first one and like going back to Cedar Cove
Passion of the Purple Plumeria: Love this series -can't wait for Miss Gwen's tale

To Be Perfectly Honest: Really like Sonya Sones's books --looking forward to her new book!
Thinking Woman's Guide to Magic:  Read a tweet about this and thought it sounded awesome.
Cloche and Dagger: The start of a new series by Jenn McKinlay
Heirs and Graces: Excited for more in this historical series

Gated: Learned about this from Random House - sounds intriguing. 
Persephone the Daring: Really enjoy this cute MG series

What are you waiting for come August? 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tween Tuesday Review: Wednesdays In the Tower

 * sequel to Tuesdays at the Castle*

On a Wednesday, Princess Celie finds a tower. It's unusual because it's Wednesday and new rooms appear in the castle on Tuesdays. Plus there's an egg in the tower - a large egg.

Celie secretly cares for the egg. When it hatches, she's surprised to find a Griffin starring at her. Celie wants to share her news, but it seems the castle doesn't want anyone to know about the Griffin.

Celie attempts to take care of it, on her own - feeding it, scolding it when it chews her sister's shoes, and playing with it. Her wizard brother uncovers her secret and helps her hide the truth. The Castle also helps her, creating a new tower for Rufus's room.

The Castle's in trouble - something's wrong with it. Celie wonders if it has something to do with Rufus. She's trying to learn all about griffins and the history of the Castle. Can she help the Castle before it's too late?
My Thoughts: I love the Castle- it's a character in these books. I love how new rooms appear and Celie creates a map showing all these rooms. I hate that the Castle is in trouble. I love watching Celie trying to take care of her new pet - and how the Castle didn't want most people to know about Rufus. I loved Rufus - he seemed like an overgrown dog.  He was funny and sweet.  They had a great bond. I loved the flying parts. As the book ends on a cliffhanger - I can't wait to see what happens next!

Cover Thoughts: Perfect
Source: My Library

Top Ten Tuesday

This week's topic: Top Ten Beach Reads (however YOU define a beach read!) I love beach reads! To me, a beach read is a paperback that usually takes place in summer - with a romance and a happy ending. I'm going to focus on teen beach reads and it's going to be hard to make the list with only 10 books....

Summer Boys
Au Pairs (reprinting this year and updating title to Beach Lane)
Truth about Forever
Boys Next Door
Sleepaway Girls
Maine Squeeze
Thrill Ride
Labor of Love
Pants on Fire