Friday, January 30, 2009

Goddess Boot Camp

Pheobe’s having problems controlling her magical powers. Often, what she’s thinking transforms in her every day life. The gods aren’t happy. She’s scared they’ll kill her on the spot (after what happened with her father). Damian enrolled her in Goddess Boot Camp, before heading on his honeymoon. He forgot to tell her the average age of the campers before he left. Now, Pheobe’s desperately trying to keep her powers under control in front of a bunch of 10-year-olds.
She’s also worried about passing a test from the Gods, a possible cheating boyfriend, and her snarky stepsister.

The addition of Pheobe’s powers to the story adds humor as she struggles to control them. The sequel to OH. MY. GODS. continues it’s delightful magical mythological tale. I was LUCKY enough to score an advance copy of this book in a contest (it doesn't come out until June). I love this series. It's so unique.

And if you love this series as much as I do, add the facebook flair I made to give these books a shout out.

Head over the Tera's blog because she's having a super contest (and you might win a copy of the book!)

You can also take a quiz to find out your Goddess personality

Here's Mine:

Aphrodite : Like the goddess of love and beauty, you appreciate pretty things--and you make sure you're a pretty thing yourself. You like guys to shower you with objects of their affection, but materialism isn't your guiding cause. You're a dreamer, in love with love, and searching every day for your perfect guy. Even if you have to search every last one of them to find him.

My Library at Home

This is the bookcase as you walk into the door (if there was a door)

Next you'd see the chair on the far side of the room. It's really cozy, but usually it's the messiest corner of the room

Here's another bookcase. There's one more in the room that's not pictured. Most of them are filled with YA books and mysteries. I have boxes of "scholarly" books in storage. I love having my books surrounding me. And yes, there is mostly an order - by genre. (expect in this picture. I had rearranged the books to take this picture for something - but I'm not sure what)

My tiny Paris door that I Love (and will take with me when I move) is a small storage space

Ever since college, I've found that walls are too plain. So I've created collages (mostly on the ceiling in college, but on the walls here). There are loads of pictures and phrases from magazines, calendars, and cards. It's a mixture of amusing things, cute photos, phrases I love, places I've been, places I want to go, people I admire, or just make me smile. Most of them have a story...there really pieces of me.

The other Wall...

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Books Books Books

Nathan Fox: Dangerous Times: Nathan Fox worked in the Globe Theater, where he was spotted. It wasn't for his acting talents, but instead for a much more dangerous job. He's asked to enlist in Sir Francis Walsingham's spy army. Once Nathan understands the risks involved, he's more than willing to sign up. However, there's the little matter of schooling. Even though he's athletic, he still needs to learn how to defend himself, decipher codes, and deal with sticky situations. When he's ready, he will become the servant of John Pearce (a master spy.) Together they will travel to Venice in a diplomatic mission. Venice will only aid England, if they help Venice with a military invasion. In Venice Nathan meets the legendary solider Othello. Othello takes a liking to Nathan and includes him in Venice's plan. Here lies real danger: Othello makes John Pearce his second in command and not all of his troops rejoice. Othello unknowingly makes enemies that set out to bring him down. Can Nathan stop the vicious plans or must he keep silent and do what's best for England?

An exciting tale that blends in Shakespeare's famous play with events that could change the future of England. A fabulous first novel in the series that will leave readers wanting more.

At Face Value: Cyrie knows that she's not beautiful. How can she be with a nose like hers? She's planning on having surgery the minute she turns 18 to decrease it's size, but in the meantime she's got to learn to live with it. The rest of her life isn't so bad, until she best friend admits that she's crushing over the same guy that Cyrie likes. Leyla's gorgeous, but she has a hard time talking to guys. So the two of them hatch this plan where Cyrie will edit Leyla's emails - just for grammer not content. But loving Rox from afar makes Cyrie jealous. How can he not know who's writing the emails? Between all the time they spend together during the day and the emails at night, Cyrie's not sure she can handle this relationship anymore - but she doesn't know that Leyla just might be feeling the same way. Will Cyrie loose everything?

A tale that shows inner beauty shining through and the true meaning of friendship.

Suite Dreams: Alyssa and her boyfriend have decided to take a break over their winter break. Rick decides to go to Australia while Alyssa plans on taking classes and working. She doesn't plan on finding a boy outside her dorm waiting for her. Jude expects a couch in Rick's suite as payment for the couch he's lending her ex-boyfriend in Australia. Rick never mentioned Jude and when Alyssa discovers his suite is filled, she takes it upon herself to let him stay with her (against the rules). She finds herself becoming Jude's tour guide. Because she and Rick left things open, she doesn't know where she stands relationshipwise, but she does know that the though of Jude with another girl makes her downright jealous.

A sweet love story that's sure to please.

A Veiled Deception: Maddie comes home to help with her baby sister's wedding. Ever since her mom died, she's become a mother to Sherry. Taking a break from her fashion designing job, she realizes that she might be on the verge of leaving New York City and moving back home to Mystic Falls. She might be just in time too. On the eve of her return, there's an engagement party for her sister. Her groom's mother is trying to take over the weeding and an ex-girlfriend tries to prove she still has control over the groom. When the ex-girlfriend turns up dead with a veil tied tightly around her neck - all fingers point towards Sherry. Maddie knows her sister isn't a murderer and sets out to prove her innocence. Soon Maddie starts to unravel all kinds of family secrets from the groom's side - and someone doesn't want them revealed. Can she clear her sister's name and save the wedding?

A adult mystery that takes the cake with family drama and romance wrapped up with mystery.

I Know It's Over: Sasha changed Nick's summer plans and before long she changed his life. He wasn't the same guy: flirting with girls and playing hockey with his best friends. Nick started wanting more. He wanted more of his girlfriend, but he was content to let her choose the course of their relationship. They had their ups and downs and then it ended. Nick was heartbroken. A few weeks later, Sasha stops by his house to drop the bomb. She's pregnant. Now Nick doesn't know what to do. She doesn't seem to want him around. He can't tell his mother. He can't seem to do anything, but think about Sasha and how desperately he wants her back. But he knows nothing will ever be the same again....

This book shocked me - because I judged the book by it's cover. I'd heard good things about this book from blogs and also from someone in the library. So I checked out. I wasn't expecting the story to be from Nick's perspective. I think it worked mainly because it was unique. There are other tales of teen pregnancy, but most are from the girl's point of view or reflect negatively against the male in the story. Here, the situation was reversed. Neither partner came out looking good, but each made a significant impact.

Parties and Potions: Rachel loves having magic. When Miri meets a new friend on, they learn there are teen witches all over the country. They host a magical coming out party which Miri can't wait to attend. Before they come out as witches and join the magical society, they need to take magic lessons. With juggling her boyfriend, school, and her home life Rachel isn't sure that she has time for magical lessons. But she can't say no to her sister. Soon she's learning more about magic, but she's also attending parties on the Eiffel Tower in Paris, lying to her boyfriend, and sneaking out of her Dad's house. Sooner or later, all this lying will have to stop. But are the sisters ready for their secret to be revealed?

I'm glad the sisters came back for another book. I do hope that this series continues: it's so magically fun and surprise. I'm always wondering what scrapes Rachel will get into next.

Monday, January 26, 2009

How to Accept a Best Book Award

So here is Neil Gaiman's humorous reaction to his wonderful high honor announced today of the Newbery.

Interview with Janette Rallison

1. What made you decide to write?
I’ve always loved to make up stories (some kids had imaginary friends, I had a whole city. Even then I thought big). I wrote a lot of stories while I was growing up but became especially fond of writing after I had my first child and realized that writing was way more fun than housework. When the choice was: should I clean the fridge out or should I write something, writing invariably won.

2. Where do you write best?
In Hawaii. Okay, maybe that’s not strictly true, but I’d like to try it for a novel or two. I’m one of those writers who need it to be quiet while I write. I don’t want music or other people around. I usually just whole up in my room with a laptop.

3. Is there a topic you’ve always wanted to write about?
I have a lot of fantasy ideas that thus far my publishers haven’t really wanted me to write. However, since My Fair Godmother came out and is doing really well, perhaps that will change and I’ll be able to do a few more fantasies.

4. What’s one book you wish you’d written?
I’m sure this happens to every writer—you have a great idea for a story but you’re working on other things and don’t get around to writing it, and then someone else writes it. I wanted to write a story about people from our world getting sucked into a magic book where they meet famous characters from older stories. Yeah, that’s pretty much Inkheart.

5. What was the last book you’ve read that you’ve been recommending to veryone?
Jessica Day George’s Princess of the Midnight Ball. It’s a retelling of the Twelve Dancing Princesses which was one of my favorite fairy tales growing up.

Oh, that just came into the Library today. It has a GORGEOUS cover. It's in my pile to read.

6. Do you use real events in your novels and if so, can you describe one?
Yeah, I use real events all of the time. A lot of the embarrassing moments that happen to my characters either happened to me or to one of my friends. Falling down the up escalator at the mall (Life, Love, and the Pursuit of Free Throws)—that was my friend, Jill. Getting into the wrong car in a parking lot (Fame, Glory and Other Things On My To Do List)—that was me, multiple times, actually. And driving through traffic with a psychotic cat (All’s Fair in Love, War, and High School) that was me too.

7. Your new book, My Fair Godmother, just came out. How did you think of such a unique idea?
When people know you’re a writer, you get asked to write all sorts of school talent show skits, camp skits etc. The idea for this story actually came about because I was asked to write a skit for my daughter’s church class. The theme was fractured fairy tales so I wrote a skit about a girl who wanted prince charming to take her to the prom and instead her “fair” godmother sent her back to the Middle Ages to be both Cinderella and Snow White. I thought it was such a cute idea that it would make a fun novel.

It is a fun novel - very unique and very funny. I talked about it here

8. Can you tell us a little bit about your next book coming out, Just One Wish?
In Just One Wish, Annika’s six-year-old brother is going in for surgery to get a brain tumor removed. He wants more than anything to meet his TV idol, Teen Robin Hood. After trying unsuccessfully to get a hold of the actor who plays Teen Robin Hood, Annika decides to drive to Hollywood and find him herself. She thinks if she can just explain the situation to him, he’ll come with her to see her brother. This proves more difficult than she imagined.

Looking Forward to it!

9. Name a celebrity, you’d love to have as a BFF
I’d love to have a comedian as a BFF because wouldn’t it be great to have someone who could always make you laugh? So I’m going to have to choose Kelsey Grammer. I think he’s hilarious.

10. Listing of your favorites:
Type of shoe: comfortable (I’m such a mom)
Candy: chocolate
Pizza topping: if it’s on a pizza, it’s good . . .
Genre of books: romantic comedies
Singer and/or Song: I’m eclectic where music is concerned. I like everything from classic to country
Restaurant: Mexican
TV show: Frasier reruns
color: purple

Friday, January 23, 2009

Parties and Potions

I just got this book yesterday (someone managed to put a hold on it before I did - shocking) and am looking forward to reading it. Then I saw this: E. Lockhart has an interview with Sarah Mlynowski and it's pretty funny.

Hunger Games: the sequel

I know that often, I'm excited for books to come out. But this is one I'm highly anticipating. September is a long time away, but the cover looks good. This is one of the 2008 books that I've raved and raved about - another is Purge and another is Eon. From the brief article here, I can tell that the rest of the trilogy will be just as good as the first book. If you haven't yet read the HUNGER GAMES, do it!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Veronica Mars = a movie?

Could it that after all this time, Veronica might be hitting the big screen. I certainly hope so...I liked the preview for season four - where Veronica entered the FBI. Check out why now could be the right time.

Tale of Despereaux

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Calling all Gossip Girl fans

We all know that Lily used to be a wild child,before she grew up and had children. Nearing the end of this season, there will be an episode featuring her antics - which could result in a spin-off series. Set in California, this could be the start of something great.


ABCs of Kissing Boys

This book Looks great. I have a personal copy coming on the way, but I couldn't resist sharing this new video and you can read Chapter One!

and check out the title for her new book coming out next year: WHEN BAD FLINGS HAPPEN TO GOOD GIRLS (intriguing no?)

PS. Our Library copy arrived this morning.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Death Race

First off I have to say that I LOVE Jason Statham (Although I always call him Handsome Rob), so I'm a bit biased to his movies. However, if you're looking for an action movie, check this one out. It's set in the future where prisons have become a company. Thus they need to generate a profit. One prison has been holding Death Races: a three day racing event. Ames has been framed for murder and conveniently is placed into prison days before the first race. He's being given the opportunity to revive Frankenstein and race. The stakes: he needs to win this race and he will gain his freedom. The disadvantages: everyone has something to prove or something to gain and it's not going to be easy. The race itself is filled with traps both on the course and including other cars. It's a dangerous and thrilling ride.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Few Books

A between the novels book that will have you laughing out loud (a bit more than usual). Evanovich never fails in her quirky characters and in hilarious situations which they find themselves.

Skiing is HUGE in Alaska, because there's not much else to do. Jess is looking forward to skiing with her boyfriend over the holidays, when his family comes back to town. She's a little worried because she hasn't heard from him in a few days. When she finally sees him, he's with another girl. Neither of them know what to say, but Jess is heartbroken. She has no idea what happened. All she knows is that she wants him back. And she just might have the boy to help her win back Jake's heart. All the girls fawn over Will and he's willing to be her pretend boyfriend. Once things are in motion, Jess isn't too sure that she can keep herself from falling under his spell. She just has to keep reminding herself that their dates are just pretend. Aren't they?

Snow in Love is the perfect romantic treat.

Eon must become the new dragoneye apprentice or he and his master will be living on the streets. He must be the chosen one to learn the ways on the dragoneye. But Eon has a few challenges. First off, he's crippled and therefore wherever he does, people judge him. Secondly, he's in disguise. He's really Eona, a sixteen year old girl posing as a 12 year old boy. Lord Ido, greedy for power, suddenly changed the ancient ceremony where the dragon of the year will choose his next apprentice. Eon has trouble during the ceremony that not even her raw power can combat. When the dragon chooses another apprentice, her heart becomes heavy with failure. All is not lost, when an ancient dragon thought to be lost forever, chooses Eona. The Mirror Dragon leads all dragons and so Eona becomes a Lord. She's in further danger from Lord Ido as it becomes clear the council is divided into two halfs - those supporting Lord Ido and those who support the Emperor. Lord Eon becomes a ray of hope for the Emperor and his supporters, but what she hasn't shared might be her downfall.

An amazing tale; the best book I've read all year. The magic weaved in with politics and danger of ancient Asia make for a must read. All in the strong characters, especially the feisty Eon/Eona. This is a must read!

High School Muscial Meets New Moon?

Could Vanessa Hudgens become part of the Twilight gang? Check it out

Monday, January 12, 2009

Books from

Doomed Queens:

DOOMED QUEENS recounts the tales of numerous unfortunate queens.
Some of these women died unhappily in exile or imprisoned, while others met more unfortunate ends such as suicide or assassination. Readers will meet over fifty queens who met their doom. The time line of queens discussed range from the biblical era of Athaliah to modern day Princess Diana. They are arranged by time periods and drafted in short and often humorous biographical information. How would their lives have been different if they had been male?

It's the perfect pick for Women's History month or just a wonderful, entertaining non-fiction book for those curious about royalty, or a perfect sidekick for a fairy tale or royal novel.

Rogue's Home:

Michael and Fisk are on the road again, after their last adventure turned out sourly. A rider catches up with them, delivering a letter from Fisk’s family. He’s desperately needed at home.He returns on his own, hoping that Michael will not follow him. Michael does follow, and his history shakes up the town. Fisk’s brother-in-law has been falsely accused of blackmail. His sister wrote Fisk home, hoping that he could help (specifically with his knowledge of criminals) clear her husband's name.Fisk and Michael start talking to the townspeople, but some don't like their questions. Someone sets fires, blaming Michael, forcing him to lay low. Can Fisk discover who framed his family before the citizens of the town kill Michael?

The sequel to THE LAST KNIGHT, ROGUE’S HOME is a medieval tale of mystery and action that will captivate readers and keep them guessing until the end of the book.

Be Mine:

Jennifer has a bad habit of lying
whenever Claudia’s around. Not only has she made up a fake boyfriend, but she’s
agreed to bring him to Claudia’s party on Saturday. Now she has to find a boyfriend in a week and maybe compete for the school’s most romantic couple.She stumbles across the perfect boy: the heartbreaker. Revenge gets even sweeter when he’s looking to settle a score with Claudia, as well. Can the two of them pull off a plan to teach the Queen Bee a lesson on romance?

This sweet, enjoyable romantic tale equals a cross between Mean Girls and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.

Going Too Far:

Meg pushes limits.

Right before Spring Break, she and her friends are found trespassing on a dangerous railroad bridge, under the influence. They almost lose their lives. As punishment, they must forgo their trip to Miami Beach and instead each spend a week riding with a trauma unit in an effort to teach them a lesson. Meg must spend the week riding in a police car with the officer who brought her in. She’s unnerved to find that not only is he a few years older than she is and that they once had class together - but also that she’s falling for him. For Meg, the girl who doesn’t plan anything and who runs away from any emotional ties, this week could spell out her downfall.

Jennifer Echols deals with the limits of life and shocking everyone in GOING TOO FAR, a novel readers won’t want to put down.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Judging A Book By It's Cover

I've always heard the saying: Don't Judge A Book By It's Cover." I've never been able to follow this advice and I'm not really sure it's good advice. I use the cover as a major decision maker both in purchasing books and for personal reading choices. If I'm reading about a book and it sounds interesting, but I've never heard of the author or if I'm not sure it will circulate well at the library, I check the cover. If I like the cover, I add it to my list. If the cover is terrible and I don't think anyone will pick it up, no matter how great it sounds, I don't buy it. There are times when I've come across a book more than once. But when I see the cover, I cringe and remember why I didn't want it. There are differences with the paperback covers and sometimes they're changed for the better and then I'll take another look at a book I've passed over.

In a library where there's not a lot of room for growth (although I think that I just figured out something amazing for the YA section today on saving space) and not a lot of money; there's no way I'm going to second guess my patrons. I really need to purchase books I KNOW they will enjoy. I also know that people judge "well-circulated" books differently. It's possible that the circulation numbers that make me happy (5 times in 3-6 months makes me smile, 9 times in the same amount of time makes me giddy) might not be the numbers to make you smile. I'm happy when I see teens leaving the library with an armful of books.

What I look for in a book cover: something eye-catching, colorful, something that makes sense to me, catchy title (I know this is a whole other topic), or something that makes me curious

This cover intrigues me. I'm not sure what I really love about it, but once I saw the cover, I knew I had to ready it. I does scream fantasy. I'm curious about what the dragon's holding. Is it something magical?

I really like the hardcover (cow) cover best. I know it doesn't say anything about football (a major issue in the book) but at least it gives you a little info. The paperback cover however, could be almost any teen novel about romance or friendship. Plus the tiara wearing cow = priceless and very funny.

I adore this book and I confess that the Hardcover (blue one) does little for me. I thought the title was great. But I think that the paperback cover really hit the mark. It's fun and modern. I love how the flames are wrapping around Maggie's arm. And it clearly shows the prom theme.

I'm not saying that this is the best formula. There are great covers disguising books that I hated. But, as a general rule, it works for me personally. I do take notice when I buy a book with a bad cover that sounds promising. It rarely goes out. Some might argue that's just my taste, but I would say not really given the books that circulate nine times in six months.

What about you judge a book by it's cover?

For more on book covers, check out the blog Jacket Whys

Ransom My Heart

The people in Finnula Finn's town are starving. Luckily, she's can wield a bow and arrow like nobody else. She's been keeping the town's people fed so they don't starve. She likes looking after people and not being a conventional women. When her sister comes to her needing help, she can't refuse. However, she knows nothing about capturing a man and holding him for ransom. When she finds one to her liking, she doesn't realize that she's in way over her head. First of all, he infuriates her. Second of all, she finds herself divulging all her secrets to him - well not all of them. She still doesn't want to talk about what happened on her wedding night. That subject is off limits, but nothing else appears to be off limits including her lips. How did she get herself into this mess and how could it end other than badly?

An adult romance novel written as a senior project by Princess Mia Thermoplis. She uses a pen name in an attempt to become an author without using her title. All the proceeds from this book will go towards Greenpeace.

An addicting and satisfying read. I read this yesterday during my snow day. And loved it. It was the perfect treat for the day.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Books Books and More Books

Rose still hasn't recovered from her last adventure outside school grounds. She's seeing the ghost of Mason. But she's not stupid enough to tell anyone -hallucinations are never a good sign. Plus with the guardian test happened, Rose needs to focus on her job. She's shocked to realize that she's not guarding Lissa for the assignment. Instead, she'll be guarding Christian - and she's not happy about it. Moments before they're attacked, Rose "sees" Mason, she freezes. Rumors about her are flying around campus from her freeze, to her unwillingness to guard Lissa's boyfriend to her mental health. What no one hits upon is her growing love for Dimitri. Why does life have to be so confusing and why does it seem she'll have to choose between the two people she loves most?

The third book in the Vampire Academy series is as addicting as the other books and will leaving you hanging, anxiously awaiting the next installment (Blood Promise coming out in July).

Vidalia finds herself traveling to Paris on an art scholarship for six weeks during the summer. When she gets there, she finds her family too busy to hang out with her. She's on her own for most of her vacation - which is fine with her, she's there to focus on her art anyways. Then she meets Marcus. At first, she doesn't like him, but then he seeks her out and she can't help feel flattered. He has different ideas about the rich, ideas that get her in over her head. Can she put aside her concerns and love with wild abandonment?

I really liked the art aspect of this book (which for librarians, makes it a great catch for Express Yourself). I also adored walking along the streets of Paris with Vidalia - and frequently wished I was there.

Savannah finds herself entangled with the country's leading fitness guru. Her husband's missing. When Savannah and Dirk discover his body, they start investigating. Savannah finds herself hoping to uncover flaws in the guru's story. She can't help it if she's unhappy with the woman who calls people "tub-o" That's not healthy for anyone, even for someone pushing people to lose weight. Soon Savannah's deep in secrets and trying to discover the truth. Can she uncover the murderer?

An adult mystery from a series that I adore. It's sort of a foodie mystery (without the recipes, but you can find one here). I admit that I do not like the new cover style as it does not fit with either the previous covers or Savannah herself. If you like these try also: Joanne Fluke and Diana Mott Davidson

Monday, January 5, 2009

Amelia Atwater-Rhodes:

Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

Have you ever run into a teacher at the movie theater? It seems odd, surreal. You know perfectly well your teacher has an existence outside the classroom, but at the same time, it’s so far beyond your ken that experiencing it is almost unreal. Now imagine being the teacher. It’s like being an imaginary person, who has just accidentally walked into the room.

One of the strangest results of having your name on a book jacket is the proliferation of people who know one narrow aspect of your life, and are suddenly surprised to learn there’s more.

For example, last spring, I dressed up as an evil mushroom for a day while attending Anime Boston with my writing group. The day before that, I was Zexion; I still have a short video of myself and my friends, dressed in those costumes, performing the kitty-cat dance in the Prudential lobby. The day before that, I was some character whose name I can’t pronounce with pink hair. It had something to do with bread. I don’t really know, despite my friends’ attempts to prepare me. I hugged a lot of random strangers that day, because apparently when you’re dressed as a beloved character with pink hair, people like to hug you. Thankfully, I’m less Goth than my sometimes-reputation would predict, so I can be Zen about these things.

I was asked to write about “something people don't know about you,” and there it is in a nutshell: I get lumped in with dark fiction, but I have a great capacity for the absurd. I love to laugh.

When I was fourteen, I was one of those kids who wore all black because it matched everything. Seriously. We all say that, but for me it was true; my older sister made such fun of my color-coordination I was paranoid to even wear blue jeans with a colored top for a long time. We're all crazy in middle school, right? Well, I picked up a reputation as a Goth at that point, but it was never a very accurate image.

The truth is, I like to engage with life fully. Given an opportunity to do something I don’t often get a chance to do, I feel the need to try it, even if I suspect I’ll make a fool out of myself. I have swung on a flying trapeze, explored a glacier, and been hit in the face by a shark's tail while scuba diving. I like to throw myself fully into projects and adventures, which is probably how I managed to publish a book in the first place.

At the end of the day, I have this whole life, but what I’ve given to my readers is a name on a book jacket, a paragraph-long author biography, and a story to read that I hope will inspire or at least entertain. This is why I like to introduce myself to my readers, and say to them, “Hey, I’m a real person. I’m not some mythological writing creature. I’m just like you. I don’t have anything you don’t have. Anything I can do, you can do.”

Check out her new book

Friday, January 2, 2009

Tiara's for library

As a Librarian, I love the idea of authors helping out libraries. And this is just too cool to pass up. Meg Cabot has a tiara auction to help celebrate the release up her last Princess Diaries book. with tiaras from R.L. Stine, Sarah Dessen, Judy Blume and other celebrities, how can you pass this up? If I could choose one, I'd pick this one. I adore buttons...

but I quite like this one too...