Friday, December 25, 2009

Best Books of 2009

Note: These are my opinions only and I've favorite genres (as you will notice). Also some of the books/authors might be debuting next year, but as I've read them this year, they still count. I've rad 275 books this year, not reaching my 300 goal, but maybe next year.

Nonfiction: Almost Astronauts

Biography: The Lincolns: A scrapbook life

New Vampire book: Bite Me! and Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side

New Vampire series: Some Girls Bite

New Werewolf series: Dark Guardians

New werewolf book: Never Cry Werewolf

Ghost: Ghost Huntress: the guidance

Art: Map of the Known World

Horse: Take the Reins

Reality: Along for the Ride

Science Fiction: Academy 7

Paranormal: My Soul to Take

Most Haunting: Wintergirls

Romantic Fantasy: Graceling and Dragonfly

Fantasy: Eon: Dragoneye Reborn

Mermaid: Sea Change and Forgive My Fins

Jane Austen Inspired: The Season

Travel: Great Call of China and Sophomore Switch

Series Beginning: Storm Glass

Series End: Front and Center

Witch: Once a Witch

Food: Cupcake Queen

Drink: Espressoligist

Tween: Canterwood Crest series

New Series: Evermore

New Author to Watch: Kay Cassidy

Best Kiss: ABCs of Kissing Boys

Mythology: Goddess Boot Camp

Beach Read: Drive me Crazy

Hot Chocolate Romance: Snow Queen and Ex-Mas

Action: Nathan Fox: Dangerous Times

Mystery: Wake

Historical Fiction: Flygirl

Movie Tie in: Changing Tides

Magic: Glass Maker's Daughter

Fairy Tale: Princess of the Midnight Ball

Spy: Don't Judge a Girl by her Cover

Teardrops: Twenty Boys Summer

Best new chapter in a series: Catching Fire

Girls with Brains: Geek Girl's Guide to Cheerleading

Short Stories: Witch High

Best Spin-off: Ransom My Heart

College: Suite Dreams

Jewelry Idea: Cinderella Society
(necklace with a shoe charm)

Music: Lovestruck Summer

Series I want to Continue...Tomorrow: Hunger Games and Graceling
There you have it. What were some of your favorite books you read this year?


Miriam said...

Great post. How come I haven't even heard of about half of these books? Are some of them ARCs?

Jennifer Rummel said...

Cinderella Society and Forgive My Fins both come out next year, but the rest are out now.

Kelly @ said...

What a great and thorough list! Wow.

One of my faves of the year, which unfortunately didn't get much coverage in press or blogs, was Jack Tumor. Hilarious but with depth too!

Kelly from

Jessica said...

I actually heard a lot about Jack Tumor but haven't read it yet. It's supposed to be hilarious!

Kelly @ said...

Jack Tumor *is* hilarious! It made my top 10 list that's going live a little after midnight. :)