Monday, December 28, 2009

Review: Sleepaway Girls

Sam and her BFF do everything together, but when her best friend finds herself a boyfriend, it becomes too much. Sam can't bear the though of being a threesome all summer, so she finds a job as a CIT (counselor in training) at a camp. She's never been to camp before so when she arrives, she's in culture shock. She's the only new girl there and she makes quite an entrance. Sam had no idea people look forward to camp all year long nor does she know what a Color War means. Before long, she's making friends with the CITs in her bunk until they find out her secret. She's the girl from the Dial and Dash commercial and someone takes great offense to her success. Ashley doesn't take competition well and makes sure Sam knows her displeasure. Sam's too busy making new friends and checking out one very cute counselor to let it get her down.

Sleepaway Girls is the perfect summer reading complete with boys, friends, mean girls, and revenge plans. It makes me actually want to go to camp for a summer. Plus the covers's super cute.


Jessica said...

So funny...this is on my bookstand waiting to be read! It looked really cute. I'm glad you liked it!

Jessica said...

Finally got to this book and it is SOOOOO cute!! You were totally right on this one!