Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Review: Devil's Kiss

Billie has a crazy life - she's been inducted into the Knight's Templar and her job is to keep evil down. After the night her mother and half their group were murdered, it's been tough. There's not many of her kind left. While it's the only life she's ever known, she wishes that she could be normal - not go to school with cuts and bruises and need to explain herself or go on an actual date. She's fed up with her world and her stoic father and doesn't want this life. When she meets a boy, she defies the rules and dates him. However, he turns out to be the leader of evil and he's after the Templar prized possession. As she gears up for the biggest fight of her life, Billie comes to learn more ab out her world and her family. Is she too late in wanting to save the world?

I LOVE this book cover, it instantly drew me in. Plus the title made me curious. It's a great read filled with angst, longing, paranormal, and just a hint of romance.

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