Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Review: Moon Rise

Allie's slowly recovering from the kidnapping incident where she discovered more about the moonstone necklace given to her by her friend. Now one tiny problem is plaguing her - she's lost her powers. She can't read minds or move items with her mind. Plus, she's the head speaker at a meeting she just wants to avoid. When a new kid in town offers to help, she's a little skeptical. Sure, he's cute and all, but she sort of has a boyfriend, who's MIA at the moment. Then she finds out that he's half demon. Is he after her necklace and her powers or can she trust him to help her regain her confidence and her powers?

A great second installment in this fun paranormal series. Danger, magic, demons, paranormal powers, enemies awaiting revenge, and a dash of romance makes this read hard to put down.

Review Copy: Given by Author/Bell Bridge Books publishing

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ParaJunkee said...

Sounds great, thanks for sharing.