Friday, December 4, 2009

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Six weeks after Kaylee discovers her true identity, she and her boyfriend, Nash, attend a rock concert of a mega-star. Thanks to Tod, they're able to score backstage passes. While watching the performance from the wings, they view the lead singer collapse on stage. When Kaylee doesn't start singing, she believes the singer will survive. She is wrong. The singer dies without a soul. When Kaylee, Nash, and Tod talk with the oldest reaper in history, they learn she's coming back to take the opening act, Addison's, soul. Addison and Tod used to date. He convinces Kaylee and Nash to help save Addy's soul. When someone signs away their soul, there's a loophole - you can attempt to bargain with the hellions. Kaylee can't willingly let someone suffer for all eternity. Soon she's lying to her father, tricking Harmony into teaching her tricks to use in the Netherworld, and sneaking out to uncover answers. Before long, Addy's sister signs a contract. Now the problem deepens and it's a race against time to save two souls.

I adore these covers, they're flirty and soft, but show a strong female presence. My Soul to Save is the second book in the series and it's filled with danger, adventure, and romance. It's a perfect paranormal romance series.

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