Monday, December 14, 2009

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Emily's part of the Gifted class at school. Her specialty is premonitions, even if she doesn't always see the future accurately. She's working on puzzling out their meanings. However, one by one her gifted classmates are disappearing. No one knows anything, except that sometimes Emily has mini visions. When she's given instructions to meet at the corner, she too is taken. She finds her friends together in a house, with food and entertainment. Emily begins to realize they're there for their gifts. At the moment, the kidnappers plan to use them in bank robbery as a test of their skills. When Emily looks to the future, she sees them committing this act against their will. Will they use their gifts for evil or will something change this vision?

The third volume in the Gifted series take everyday school and home life and presents it with a twist for middle school students. Other gifts included invisibility, telekinesis, mind control, mind reading, and talking to ghosts. Marilyn Kaye pens about great chapter to this series.


Jessica said...

I really liked the first book in this series, but couldn't get into the second (I think I had too many other things that I was dying to read at the moment...). Is it worth picking up the third?

Jessica said...
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Jennifer Rummel said...

I really liked the mystery aspect. Plus, I think this book will have future ramifications for the next ones.