Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Challenge: 10 in 2010

Kay Cassidy is cohosting this awesome challenge, which is right up my alley. I ADORE chick lit, especially Teen Chick Lit!

So here's my quick list, although I'm sure I'll be reading scores more.

1. Ex-Games (finally got this from the library, taking it home tonight)
2. Maggie Bean in Love (This one just came out, taking it home tonight)
3. Heist Society (Can't WAIT for this one)
4. Princess for Hire (Looks cute)
5. Magic Under Glass (LOVE the cover)
6. Hex Hall (Looks wickedly awesome)
7. Coffeehouse Angel (Been waiting for this one to come back to the library)
8. Match Made in High School (Looks cute)
9. Spring Fling (Love her other books)
10. Endless Summer (Adored Boys Next Door - interested in the sequel)

Will you join in?

1 comment:

Kay Cassidy said...

So great to have you joining in the fun, Jennifer! I knew this would be right up your alley. ;-) I've got Heist Society and Princess for Hire on my list too and I LOVED Hex Hall, Coffeehouse Angel and Magic Under Glass. We are definitely two peas in a pod. :-) Happy (almost) New Year!