Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Crocodile Tears

Trouble follows Alex Rider, even on vacation. While attending a posh dinner party, Alex find himself curious about the host of the party especially after one poker game. On the way home, their car mysteriously skids into a lake. They almost don't make it out alive, but luck is on their side. He forgets about the incident and goes back to school thinking finally his life is back on track and back to normal. Then out of the blue a reporter uncovers the true about this secret life. At first he wants to create a sensational story, but Alex knows his life would be ruined. He shares the information with his contacts at MI6 who in turn use the information to blackmail him into working for them again. The target of suspicion is none other than the man hosting the dinner party. Luckily, Alex's school is scheduled for a field trip to a top secret laboratory where the workings could change the world. He's asked to uncover some information, but when he's caught the game changes.

Another action filled adventure in one of my favorite series. I love how Alex Rider constantly gets roped back into helping the government. The cover on this book is AMAZING! I know that Anthony Horowitz has stated that the series will end when he turns 15, but there are so many questions to be answered that I hope Alex's birthday is a long ways off

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