Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Review: Front and Center

D.J. knows that things have changed, but she can't stop herself from thinking about Brian. She was however, hoping to go back to be unnoticeable at school, but when she spies her locker on her first day back, she knows she things changed. Now she's front and center and everyone wants something: the girls want her to play basketball, her best guy friend wants to date her, and her coach and her family want her to pick a college according to a basketball scholarship. D.J. isn't sure how to handle all the pressure. Most of the time, she simply wants to cover her head and hide out, but with her future at stake, she knows that that's not possible. She just wishes that she hand someone to talk to who understood her half as much as Brian. She's thinking about him so much that it must mean something, right? Will she find a way to open up to someone and let out all her fears?

A great conclusion to this trilogy with sports, romance, friendship, family drama, and finding your own path in life. D.J. is funny and so real that her pain becomes your pain. While I like the cover, a tidbit from the story where D.J. has wicked short hair makes the cover not feel right anymore. I love her kick butt attitude and her sports abilities plus her shyness in sharing her feelings or thoughts.

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Miriam said...

I really enjoyed these books. I'm going to miss DJ.