Monday, November 14, 2022

Review: Those Summer Nights


While it's no longer summer, I had to read this one!

Hannah had a rough year. Her parents shipped her off to boarding school after behavioral issues. Now she's back for the summer. She's allowed to return to high school this fall if she meets certain conditions.  She needs to find a summer job - luckily her younger brother has her covered. 

She gets a job at an entertainment complex where she meets a cute boy and hides from her former BFF. It seems she might get off easy until the employee Olympics are announced.

And then her worlds collide. Hannah had hoped to make the Olympic soccer team until an accident ended her dream. In addition, the death of her beloved grandmother was too much for her to bear. She floundered, drowning in grief and not knowing who she was without soccer. 

Now, she's trying to pick up the pieces of her life. She doesn't need this reminder, but according to the rules from her parents, she can't quit her job. 
My Thoughts: I loved this one - for many reasons. I liked how we learned about Hannah's behavior over time. I liked her parents' rules and how she went about accomplishing them. I loved the entertainment complex. It sounds like a great place to work with fun co-workers. The Olympics were a great addition. I loved Hannah's brother and his best friend Ethan. I liked the bowling moments. I loved the older ladies in the bowling alley. They made me laugh. There's so much packed into this book - lots of layers and lots of feelings. 

Cover Thoughts: Fun
Source: My Library
Library Recommendation: Highly recommended for your romance collection.

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