Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Holiday Gift Ideas: Children and Middle Grade Books

Here's my list of books read this year that would make GREAT gifts this holiday season.


Part of a fractured fairy tale series - I recommend the entire series!

The start of a new series about friendship and wishes

Perfect for fantasy readers or animal lovers

Recommend this entire series 

Perfect for ballet dancers or fashion lovers 

This one has a nostalgic feel to it - really good community story.

Friendship and mystery

Friendship, home, and winter fun

Middle Grade:
If you like 13 Going on 30 or Taylor Swift

If you like superheroes!

A book about siblings and surviving Covid

For those interested in journalism

Families blending together

Family drama and a restaurant legacy 

Spies and family

Pizza and family

A book from the Uncle Rick imprint line. 
They are all wonderful - highly recommended for fantasy readers
This one is about Mayan Gods and the fight for good vs evil

Perfect for those readers who love mysteries and ghost stories. Creepy!

Family drama, house renovations, and a treasure hunt

Great trilogy about fighting the bad guys with bracelets that gift the wearer animal powers

Unicorn Training School, prophecy, good vs evil

Friendship and the first moments of romance

Historical mysteries with strong female lead

This series is great - lots of information 

Fun book about female pirates


Love both these series of biographies

Cute animal stories

Graphic Novels:

Babymouse: body image, friendship, and family 

Too funny!


Love this series! 

Sports, competition, community, and friendship

Wrestling, spies, and saving the world

Graphic novel adaptation of this novel series 

Fall on the farm, romance and family drama

family, friendship, and one almost terrible summer with a quinceaƱera

Friendship drama with a little romance - love this series

Robots and spies...

Band, friendship, and trying new things

New retelling of Anne of Green Gables

Spy school - adaptation from the book series

Roll playing games and anxiety 

Finding yourself

Creepy ghost story - based on a book series

Family drama and choosing your path

Friendship and found family

Horses and friendship

Come back tomorrow for another list!

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