Saturday, November 12, 2022

Christmas Movies (1)

I've started watching Hallmark movies - here are some thoughts. 

Noel Next Door:
Grumpy Neighbor who doesn't celebrate Christmas
Single Mom
The two meet without realizing they live in the same community.
A little You've Got Mail Twist.

Cute movie- worth a watch. 

We Wish You a Married Christmas

Married Couple Struggling
Sent on a retreat for the holidays
Break up several times
Cute secondary romance
Loved the gay couple running the hotel

I thought this was going to be funny - and there were some funny moments, but it was mostly sad. Until the end. It was fine, but a little too sad for me. 

Jolly Good Christmas

A man new to London meets a personal shopper while purchasing a gift card for his newish girlfriend. She gives him grief. Through a series of meetings, he begins to doubt his gift choice. But it's soon clear he knows nothing about his girlfriend. And asks for her help.

This was charming. And the scenery great. Watch this one!

Lights, Camera, Christmas!

A Hallmark movie is filming in her hometown - with a major star attached.
She's not a fan of them - and hasn't seen his movies, but her mom loves them.
She knows fashion - and gets pulled into the movie as the costume designer. 
Lots of banter, family moments, and behind the scenes of filming of movie. And a great secondary romance. 

This one was my favorite so far - highly recommended.

Have you seen any of these? Or can you recommend other good ones?

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