Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Christmas Picture Books (3)

Christmas books are some of my favorite picture books. I bought several news ones this year fort he library. These posts are mix of books purchased and books sent for review. The books that I really love I've marked as making a wonderful gift.

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Santa and the Goodnight Train
The Goodnight train is headed to the North Pole. On the way, it spots some mischievous reindeer. A cute bedtime story with fun illustrations that's perfect for those who've enjoyed the other books in this series.

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Santa's Story
Santa is ready to leave, but the reindeer are all busy. He tries calling them, but they don't listen. Finally he remembers their traditional story. As soon as he starts reading, they flock to him. A sweet story about traditions with fun illustrations.

* This book warmed my librarian heart.

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Bad Kitty Searching for Santa
Kitty wants to write Santa a letter with a her gift wish. But getting the letter to Santa proves to be harder than she thought. Luckily she has a friend to help! A funny story about wishes and friendship.

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If I Could Give You Christmas
Animal families having fun at Christmas with all their traditions.
A sweet story with charming illustrations.

* Makes a great Gift

**F and G sent for Review

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Snowiest Christmas Ever
The bear cubs wish for snow - but what happens when they get too much snow?
A fun story about family, togetherness, and having fun.

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Luke and Lottie - It's Christmas
It's Christmas Eve and there's so much fun to be had! The twins and their family celebrate together. A getting ready for Christmas story with a kind message.

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How to Hide a Lion at Christmas
Iris and her lion go everywhere together - but not at Christmas when they travel. Lion and Iris as sad. Lion follows Iris but falls asleep on the train and doesn't see the family get off. Lion searches for them. Cute story with a sweet friendship.

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