Monday, December 16, 2019

Review: Dog Driven

Dog DrivenMcKenna Barney is trying to hide her worsening eyesight and has been isolating herself for the last year. But at the request of her little sister, she signs up for a commemorative mail run race in the Canadian wilderness—a race she doesn’t know if she can even see to run. 

Winning would mean getting her disease—and her sister's—national media coverage, but it would also pit McKenna and her team of eight sled dogs against racers from across the globe for three days of shifting lake ice, sudden owl attacks, snow squalls, and bitterly cold nights.

A page-turning adventure about living with disability and surviving the wilderness, Dog Driven is the story of one girl’s self-determination and the courage it takes to trust in others. - Summary from the publisher

My Thoughts: I really liked this book. I loved learning more about sled dog racing. I loved reading about the dogs and their different personalities. I felt terrible for McKenna as she struggled alone, but was happy when she finally found her voice. I liked learning more about Stargardt disease, I can't imagine not being able to see clearly. I enjoyed the action, the danger, and sweet moments between the racers (including the pranks.) 

Cover Thoughts: Fantastic
Source: ARC sent for review
Library Recommendations: A great book for the action, the survival, and how one girl's determination will not let her be defined by her disability.  

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