Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Top Ten Tuesday: Holiday Movies

This week's topic is Holiday reads - but I've talked about my excitement over a few holiday romances. Since I'm a sucker for Holiday Movies, particularly of the Hallmark brand, I thought I would share some I enjoyed both this week and next week.

Merry and Bright:
Cate is the new CEO of Merry and Bright Candy Cane Company - she's taken over the family business. The business is struggling but she's just finishing up her first year. Unbeknownst to her, a consultant is coming in to make the company more profitable.

I liked this one - I loved the candy aspect, trying to market the business, and I loved that it was a family business that meant a lot to the town. Of course the ending was sweet.

Christmas Scavenger Hunt:
A woman returns home for Christmas and her best friend's wedding. She partakes in the town's annual traditions - including the Christmas scavenger hunt where she's teamed up with her ex-boyfriend. 

Of course this one hits all the bingo notes - making a snowman, making hot chocolate, cutting down a Christmas tree, and a match making family member.

Christmas Under the Stars:
A man believes he's getting a promotion, but it turns out he's being fired. Down on his luck, he walks by a Christmas tree stand where a man asks him for help. After helping the man string up some lights, Nick's offered a job. At first, he declines but then has a change of heart. At the Christmas tree lots, he learns the meaning of family and Christmas.

Both the leads are turning out to be staple Hallmark actors. I loved Nick's moment's with both Clem and Matt. I loved the neighborhood feel of the Christmas tree lot and how Clem treated everyone like family. 

Write Before Christmas:
Julie purchases 5 cards to send to her boyfriend to get him into the holiday spirit. But he breaks up with her before she can write them.  Instead, she writes them to five people in her life who have made the greatest impact on her.

True confession: I thought this one was going to be more about the writing than the story, but I still enjoyed it. I did love how the cards impacted the people who received them. I loved Luke's big heart and how he gave back.

Christmas at the Plaza:
Jessica's hired to create a historical exhibit of Christmas at the Plaza Hotel. An archival historian, Jessica's stunned to learn that the records are kept in a hodgepodge of boxes. Feeling the projects is too big for her, she almost quits but becomes inspired by the last moment. With the help of the Christmas decorator and the Head Bellman, she put together a wonderful exhibit.

I really liked this one - for the decorations, the history of Christmas, and the traditions. I loved learning more about ornaments. I would love to see that exhibit in real life.

Noelle's the daughter of Kris Kringle and her job is to create Christmas cheer while her brother takes over the family business. He's not up for it and when she suggests he take a little break from all the training, he does. But he never returns. Now the whole town blames her. There's only one thing for her to do - find her brother and bring him home before Christmas is ruined.

I loved Noelle's outfits and her interactions with people. I loved Snowcone. I loved all the Christmas spirit and the way everything worked out.

The Knight Before Christmas:
Sir Cole travels from the 14th century (Norwich, England) to modern day Ohio where he meets Brooke. She spills hot chocolate all over him and then hits him with her car. Luckily he armor prevents him from being hurt (both times). He's been transported through time to fulfil a quest and can't return home until he completes it.

This movie is the Christmas version of Kate and Leopold - complete with knight lore, Christmas spirit, and family. While he doesn't understand much about the modern world, Cole adapts pretty quickly (although there is that incident with the car...). Plus he has a fascination for hot chocolate. 


Deanna @ A Novel Glimpse said...

I should check out that last one with Vanessa Hudgens. I think my daughter would love that one.

Here are some holiday reads I would like to read: My Top Ten Tuesday.

Lydia said...

All of these movies look so wholesome and sweet. Fun list. :)


Kait Plus Books said...

I LOVE Holiday movies!!! I don't read much in the Holiday genre but I sure do love to watch them! Happy holidays!

My Top Ten Tuesday!

Ali @ Ali's Books said...

I just watched Noelle with my daughter last week. We really enjoyed it. Great list!

Dedra @ A Book Wanderer said...

I'm excited to see Noelle! It looks pretty cute. I just watched Let it Snow on Netflix and I really liked that one as well. :)


Jessica at Booked J said...

Ooohhh yes to all of these!!