Saturday, December 7, 2019

Review: Maybe He Just Likes You

Maybe He Just Likes You
When Mila receives an unwanted hug from a boy, she doesn't think too much about it. But the next day, things change. There's another hug. Comments. Knowing glances.  Mila doesn't know what's happening, but she's not happy.

As things get worse, she's not sure who to talk to. Her friends don't seem to understand. She tries to talk to the boys, but they don't stop their actions. No where seems safe.

At least, she has two weeks of karate lessons at the gym. That seems to help, but once the free classes are over, Mila's mom can't afford to send her to class.

Mila isn't sure what to do. She's only sure that she feels uncomfortable and wants it to stop. How can she make things better?
My Thoughts: Wow - this was one powerful book. I couldn't put it down. The chapters are short and pull your right along. I felt terrible for Mila - for the unwanted attention, for the hardships of her home life, and for her friends not understanding. I just wanted to give her a giant hug and tell her everything was going to be ok. I loved the ending. I loved how she took action, even though it ruined things, she finally found her voice. I loved that the teacher looked beyond everything and understood and dealt with the situation. A really well done story for the #MeToo world - because it does start young. And girls need to figure out how to deal with unwanted attention. I can't say enough about this book.

This book should be required reading for all middle grade students and this book should be talked about at length among the teachers, students, and everyone who works in a school. 

Cover Thoughts: Good
Source: My Library
Library Recommendation: A MUST HAVE book for your school and public libraries.

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