Thursday, June 6, 2019

BEA Books

Last week I was at BEA for three days. Here are some of the books I picked up. Most of these will be used for summer reading prizes. Many of these I will order for the library. Some of these you'll see being talked about here on the blog because they look really good and I'm excited to read them.

Today I'll share the YA, Middle Grade, and Graphic Novels

I'm excited for these! They look really good.
Swipe Right for Murder and Past Perfect Life are both signed.

I can't wait for the sequel to the Start of Me and You and also one for Curse So Dark and Lonely
Also I'm a sucker for royal books, so I'm looking forward to American Royals.

Brazen and the Beast - this one is adult romance, from one of my favorite authors. 

Middle Grade:

All of these are signed, they look great.

Some ARCs I picked up at the booths.

Tristan Strong is signed.
Stuart Gibbs came to our intermediate school.
These look great.

I'm so looking forward to Dragon Warrior.

Graphic Novels:

The top three are signed.
I'm looking forward to reading all these.

Guts! More Sunny!
Our patrons will love these.

These look adorable.

These are for a little bit older readers, and they look good!


That Librarian said...

I was at SLJ Day of Dialog and Book Expo. I shipped home so many books that I am a bit overwhelmed with what to start reading first. I'm debating the new Ruta Sepetys and The Grace Year.
Did you go to the event on Saturday night at Books are Magic? There were many romance authors and I spent a fair amount of time fangirling over Sarah MacLean. Abby Jimenez was there and they had copies of The Friend Zone for early purchase -- that seems like a book that you would like.

Jennifer Rummel said...

I wasn't able to go to the Saturday Night event - we went home on Friday. But it sounds amazing. And yes, that book is on my list. Thanks for sharing it!