Saturday, March 2, 2019

On Weeding YA

Karen from Teen Librarian Toolbox had a very interesting tweet the other day 
(now a few weeks back)

and it made me stop and think because at work, Mary and I are weeding in the YA room. Mostly because we don't have enough space, but also because we haven't done it in a while.

There are authors I won't give up, those that are the core collection.

Just a few examples of these:
Coe Booth
Meg Cabot
Sarah Dessen
Ellen Hopkins
David Levithan
Walter Dean Myers

There are books that I believe to be classic and won't let go of.
If they have terrible covers, but I'm happy to reorder them with updated covers because they do belong on the shelf. 

Just a few examples of these:

Sometimes these books are early trendsetters because of the subject matter or format


In other cases there are series books where I'll leave the first on the shelf and have others in the basement. It's not ideal, but as we run out of space (and we often do), it does help readers know that we have some of the series.

Just a few examples of these:

 There are older books I purchased that we didn't have in the collection because I think they add value and entertainment. 

Just a few examples of these:

So while we have a smallish teen collection, I think it's pretty good. And I do my best every day to make sure there are windows and doors and most important mirrors for all the teens in the community.

Sure that means buying books that I can't wait to read, because that's the fun part of the job. But at the end of the day, I know that books are not about me. They don't reflect my needs. They reflect the teens of the community. 

Which means those needs change every 3-5 years. And we have to keep up with the times. What's all the age through the middle school today might never go out in the next couple of years. And that's ok. We know that (maybe not going into the job because it's another thing they don't teach in library school, but it's something you learn - quickly.)

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