Friday, December 9, 2016

Adult Review: My Fair Princess

 * Book 1 in a new series *
Gillian, the daughter of an illegitimate prince, spent her youth in Italy. But after an incident, she's spent back to England to find herself a suitable husband. Due to the details of her birth, she's been kept out of polite society and allowed to grow up wild. Now she has to reign in her wildness and conform to society.

Her cousin, the straight laced Duke of Leverton, agreed to teach her the ways of society. But after a few blunders, the ton is talking. Instead, the family whisks away from London to the country where a few more lessons are in order.

The more time Gillian spends with the Duke, the more she wishes her life could be different. She loves making him laugh. She loves making him forget about all those rules. Could there be something between them?
My Thoughts: I really enjoyed this romance. I loved Gillian and her wild ways. I adored her scandalous behavior. I loved the banter between Charles and Gillian. The moments in London were highly entertaining. I felt bad for Gillian and her family life. I enjoyed Grace's half-borther, it seems as though he has a previous book of his own. I liked how Gillian wasn't afraid to take matters into her own hand. I like how she has the skill set and the intelligence to do waht needs to be done, even if the aaction is risky. I really liked the young boy who wasn't afraid to help her out. An enjoyable read with a My Fair Lady plotline. 

Cover Thoughts: Charming
Source: Gifted to me by Secret Sister
Library Recommendation: Recommended for public library

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