Monday, December 5, 2016

Review: Going Geek

Skylar was excited to go back to her elite East Coast boarding school for her senior year, she just wasn't excited to share the news that she was now there on scholarship.  Besides her parents' money troubles, everything in her life was perfect. Great School. Great Friends. Perfect boyfriend.

Until she arrived.

And realized she'd been kicked out of her dorm and moved into a tiny dorm with a bunch of strangers. Skylar is less than thrilled, but she's determined to make the best of it.

Until she realizes how it all went down.

Now she's scrambling to save face. Her white lies about her summer and her parents' money trouble come tumbling out. The people she thought were her friends ignore her and she's left floundering. But she's not giving up without a fight. Even if it means changing her way of thinking, she's still determined to make this year count.
My Thoughts: It look me a while to warm up to Skylar when all she wanted was her old life back and how she didn't want to work to achieve her future. But that changed. I like how she was forced to branch out. I like how she helped her housemates. Her housemates were a breath of fresh air. I like how they all had their own passion and they weren't afraid to show it or explore it. 

I like how she tried to change the culture of the school - just a little bit. I like how she stood up to the girls who ruled the school. I loved her determination and her grit. I loved the slow burn romance. I loved the quirky events she wanted to add to the calendar. As she grew up, I began to like her a bit more but I think that was my adult side showing. I devoured this book after I warmed up to the main character. 

Cover Thoughts: Cute, but a little bland
Source: My Library
Library Recommendation: Perfect for anyone on the outside looking to belong, recommended for school and public libraries.

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