Saturday, December 10, 2016

Adult Review: High Heat

* Book 8 in the Nikki Heat series *
When Jameson Rook's name comes out of the lips of a man who just beheaded a reporter on camera, Nikki Heat moves quickly. She wants to find her husband. She wants to find the masked men responsible for the death. She wants to find the identity of the dead woman. And she wants it done yesterday.

But the ISIS style group who carried out the beheading aren't playing around. They didn't leave many clues behind. Still, Heat and her team use all their skills to uncover the scene of the crime. Form there's it's just a matter of time before everything else comes together.

But when they come from Rook, the team will have a matter of hours to put all the pieces together. Can they pull it off in time?
My Thoughts: This one wasn't my favorite Nikki Heat book, but boy did it pack a punch. I found the references to the TV show amusing. I liked the political aspect of the novel - including the librarian running for President. I enjoyed the Harry Potter jokes Rook made. This one had the right amount of humor to lighten the tension in the novel.  I liked the team tracking down the scarf and the reporter's whereabouts before her death. I enjoyed the revelations about Nikki Heat and her mother and all that it entails - which makes me need the next book immediately!

Cover Thoughts: Interesting
Source: My Library
Series Thoughts: I know this book came out after Castle was canceled, but the production was in works before that. Given the side plot about Nikki Heat's mother, they have to make at least one more book! I really hope that happens.Heat Storm is apparently coming next year. I hope that remains the case.

Library Recommendation: Purchase for public libraries where this series is popular.

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