Friday, December 16, 2016

Review: The Season

Megan's dream includes becoming a soccer Olympian, not starring in the Dallas debutante season.  That's her mother's dream But after her mother enters both her and her twin sister, Megan doesn't have much of a choice. She knows she's all wrong of the scene and her arrival at her first event proves it.

Now she has a month to prove her worthiness to the head debutante or she'll be asked to leave in disgrace. Megan attempts to learn the skills needed to become a debutante, but she's trying to juggle so much in her life right now, nothing is getting a priority.

But the she meets a guy - and he's funny and charming. Before she knows it, He sweeps her off her feet and she's starting to think being a debutante might not be terrible after all. 
My Thoughts: I enjoyed this Pride and Prejudice / Debutante/ Soccer mashup. I loved how Megan wasn't afraid to go after her soccer dreams. I didn't always love her interactions with her soccer friends. I like how she tried to juggle everything in her life. I loved her snarky ways. I loved how she constantly got into scrapes and had to talk her way out of them. I liked her honest moments with her sister.  I adored the moments with the 10 year old Debs. I liked the moments with the other Debs - even the not so nice ones. Clearly Megan wasn't your typical Deb, but she made it through and I admired that about it. I didn't like how the Julia scandal was handled. All in all, an entertaining read.

Cover Thoughts: Great
Source: My Library
Age: New Adult
Library Recommendation: Purchase for your YA collections

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Becky G said...

My daughter will love this! Hope I can find it for a last minute Christmas gift for her! I got my son The Boy and the Dolphin as he loves the sea and aviation and this one seems to have both. It's by Dick Schmidt, I've read through the first chapter and was very impressed.