Friday, September 2, 2016

Upcoming Adult Review: The Boy is Back

* Book 4 in the Boy Books
When Becky reads about her ex-boyfriend's parents being arrested in the papers, her first thought is that the newspaper made a mistake. There is no way the Stewarts attempted to con their way out of paying for dinner. They were particularly kind to her.

Reed, Becky's ex-boyfriend, finally comes home to help with his parents. The siblings decide that their parents need to downsize from a rundown mansion to a smaller house. They hire Becky and her moving company for the job.

Becky's on the fence about taking the job.  The Stewarts are adamant that they aren't interested in moving, or getting rid of any of their things, including piles and piles of old newspapers. They maintain they aren't losing their minds.

But their decision speak a different truth. Either way, Reed is sticking around to make sure things go smoothly. He's finally going to have to face Becky again after all these years. Can he win her back after that terrible prom night?
My Thoughts: I love how this book is inspired by a crime story in the Bloomville Herald and that it turned into a serious, but entertaining novel. Still told epistolary form - emails, text messages, voice mails, pictures, and more, this novel has a few characters from the previous trilogy making me wonder/hope if this is the start of a new Boy trilogy, set in Indiana. 

I really liked learning more about prom night and what went so terribly wrong. I loved the moments between siblings - Becky and her sister and Mitch, Reed, and Trimble. I liked learning more about Reed's life away from home - the golfing and Uncle Lyle. The conversations between Marshall and Carly were quite entertaining, as were the moments between Marshall and Reed. I do hope to see these characters again!

As to the serious nature of this novel, it addresses the awfulness of parents aging, the question of what makes a hoarder, how easy it can be to go through your life savings, and second chances and forgiveness. 

Of  course, in true Meg Cabot form, there were many amusing moments, moments that touched the heartstrings, and moments that made me sigh with happiness. Another winner of a book.

Cover Thoughts: Really cute
Source: ARC sent for review
Release Date: October 18th
Library Recommendation: Highly Recommended for all public libraries

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