Friday, September 9, 2016

Spooky Reads: Curse of the Boggin

After an argument with a teacher, Marcus faces 5 days of detention, unhappy parents, and his classmates love him. But someone is after him or he's having hallucinations.

Someone wants him to surrender the key.

Marcus has no idea what they're talking about. Strange things start happening around him, things he can't explain. And they always seem to get him into more trouble.

After searching for answers, he's not sure he likes what he discovers. Once he has the key and uses it, everything becomes more clear and more disturbing.

Marcus knows it's up to him to make things right and finish the story. He must make sure the key doesn't fall into the wrong hands and uncover the truth about his past.
My Thoughts: The start of a new series is off to a great start. 
Lots of creepiness. 
Great friends. 
Family drama. 
An awesome library. 
A Secret Key. 
Discovering who you are. 
This book has it all! 

Cover Thoughts: Amazing
Source; Book sent for review
Library Recommendation: Highly recommended for Children's Collections, perfect for handing out to kids in October looking for scary stories.

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