Saturday, September 24, 2016

Mysterious Saturday Review: Crowned and Dangerous

 * Book 10 in the Her Royal Spyness series *
Lady Georgiana is about to elope with her beau Darcy, when unexpected news reaches them. Darcy's father has been arrested for murder. Darcy leaves Lady Georgiana to rush to his father's side.

Lady Georgiana travels back to London, eagerly awaiting news.  When Darcy finally calls, he breaks things off with her. Lady Georgiana isn't going to take that lying down - she travels to Ireland.

She's determined to help clear Darcy's father's name.
My Thoughts: Another great addition to this series. I love Lady Georgiana didn't take no for an answer and how she was determined to help.  I loved learning more about Ireland during that time period. I loved the setting and meeting people Darcy's known all his life. I loved meeting Darcy's father. I enjoyed the princess from Darcy's past who flies planes and comes over also to help Darcy. I'm intrigued to see what will happen next.

Cover Thoughts: Cute
Source: My Library
Library Recommendation: Highly recommended for mystery sections

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