Monday, September 26, 2016

mini review: Empire of Storms

Aelin's going after her throne - not matter the obstacles in her way. She's not about to let someone terrible rule her lands. She'll do everything in her power to stop him.

The Good: I can't read Sarah J Mass without gushing.
I loved the plot twists
I loved the times I said Oh Shit aloud when something crazy happened
I love the friendships, the loyalties, the witty banter, and the agruments
I loved the romance
I loved seeing old friends - and old enemies

My co-workers love her books, so it's great having people to discuss this series with - for the I can't believe that happened to the oh my god moments.

The Bad: Waiting for the the next book
Final Thoughts: I had the biggest book hangover that it was hard to read another book for a week. That's rare for me. 

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