Monday, September 5, 2016

Reading Without Walls Blog Tour

Secret Coders (Secret Coders, #1)Paths & Portals (Secret Coders, #2)
Hopper hates her new school. The kids aren't very nice. She feels like she's being watched all the time. And then it turns out she is...

She befriends a boy and together they uncover the truth about the school. There are robots everywhere. Soon they're keeping secrets, learning about coding, and meeting robots.

But there are those at the school who want to get their hands on the robots. Will they accidentally spill the secrets?
My Thoughts: I enjoyed the first two graphic novels of the series and of course I'm looking to read more after the cliff hanger endings. I like how the books introduce coding as a game, as a secret, and as something super cool. I like the interactions between Josh and Hopper. I love Josh's program names. Coding is very logical, which makes so much sense to make and makes me want to learn coding. I'm from the era of the turtle, which was interesting to me in school, but bored me at the same time because I wasn't allowed to play enough with it. We had very specific instructions and then had to wait for everyone to catch up. I love that these three friends are creating programs and learning about code - both in a practical and an aesthetic manner. Fun graphic novels that are perfect for your STEAM needs.

But don't just take my word for it, here's what Booklist has to say: 

These book take me back to my childhood. Beside the turtle in school, I really enjoyed LEGOs. There were one of my favorite toys and still are. I could spend hours building. I'm super excited for next summer's reading program theme because I hope to start up a LEGO club. I bought a bunch of new LEGO books for the library. Flipping through this one made me itching to build something - anything really. 

LEGO® Play Book

I love building based off instructions - and building based off imagination. 
I hope to blend those two together next summer. I can't wait!

What STEAM activities do you enjoy?

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