Thursday, September 1, 2016

Series Review: Boy Books

Meg Cabot, one of my favorite authors, has a new Boy Book coming out next month. So I thought I would go back and re-read the Boy books. 

Mel is a gossip columnist who's late to work because her neighbor was attacked. HR doesn't find that an excuse, nor do they appreciate her being late to take care of her neighbor's dog while she's in the hospital recovering. Since caring for the do is starting to annoy her boss, she emails the nephew of her neighbor (a rather famous photographer) to come help out. Instead of coming, he calls in a favor. His friend portrays him while he's on vacation. Mel and John hit it off, but how can he explain everything without sounding like a complete idiot?

Kate works for the HR woman who annoyed Mel to no end. Now Amy's gotten herself in hot water after firing the woman who creates desserts for the office. Everyone is unhappy. Ida sues Amy for wrongful termination. Since Kate was responsible for following Amy's orders and firing Ida, she's involved in the lawsuit. Sparks fly between Kate and the lawyer. But Kate isn't interested in lawyers and she just came out of a long relationship and her life isn't together at the moment. 

Jane travels to Italy with her best friend, her fiance, and his best friend. Holly and Mark will elope during the trip. Cal, the best friend, doesn't believe in weddings after his own marriage crashed. Jane's determined to make this the best trip ever for Holly and Mark. She doesn't need Cal's negative attitude. When trouble hits the wedding plans, Holly must come to the recuse. Will Cal help or hinder the process?

My Thoughts: These books still rang true to me upon the second reading. I tore through them. I loved that they were epistolary novels - written in emails, IMs, scrap pieces of paper, journal entries, and more. I loved how the three books were connected through the newspaper. It's fun to see characters from the first book pop in the other books. I love the updates on their lives.

I loved how Every Boy's Got One had little cartoons (as Jane's a famous cartoonist). I wonder if those were drawn by Meg Cabot...I also liked how that book was inspired by the author's own elopement. Reading the afterword about the differences of the wedding was interesting.

As a whole, I found these books to be quick reads, entertaining, and the perfect way to spend an afternoon. 

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