Sunday, February 16, 2014

Adult Review: Home to Seaview Key

Seaview Key Series #2 - Read my review for the 1st book *

Abby Miller returns home, a little shaken from her divorce and hoping to do some good in Seaview. She has a new project in mind - one that will bring jobs into the area and showcase what the island has to offer. Not everyone's on board with her idea, including the mayor. 

The first few days back, Abby stays hidden. Then she goes swimming and needs rescuing. An attractive ex-solider rescues her. He sparks something in her that she believed to be hidden forever.  

He's staying at Seaview Inn. Abby knows that her seclusion time has ended. The locals will know she's back. 
Abby also wouldn't mind befriending Hannah again. Their friendship fell apart not long after they left for college. Can they find themselves back on track?
My Thoughts: The perfect book to read during the cold winter months. I love the moments on the beach, where I wish I was right now. I like the start of the friendship again between Abby and Hannah - how it took some time, some care, and some great food to make it work. I liked seeing old friends from the first book, especially Jenny. I love her matchmaking ways. I really liked Seth. I felt horrible about his past. I love how Sherryl Woods (and others) are writing about veterans returning home and trying to recover from the war while figuring out their lives. 

Cover Thoughts: Perfect - don't you just want to curl up in that chair with a great book?
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