Thursday, February 13, 2014

Review: Something Real

Chloe (Bonnie™) Baker used to be part of the TV hit series Baker's Dozen. Since the cancellation, she's been trying to lead a normal life. She has friends - and maybe even an potential boyfriend.

Then, she comes home from school one day to see a TV crew. Immediately, she realizes that something big is about to happen - but she never imagines that the show is coming back.

Her mother and step-father signed a contract - there's nothing that Chloe can do. As much as she hates it, she can't win. Everything she loves is about to become fodder for their reality show. Is it possible to keep anything from the cameras or will they ruin her life - again?
My Thoughts: I confess I'm not a reality TV watcher, but I LOVED this book. I couldn't put it down. I loved watching Chloe struggle with the show coming back on the air. I felt horrible for her - for having to give up a normal life, for the manipulation of the TV show, and for all the family drama. I wasn't a huge fan of her mom or her step father. I loved Benny and their sibling relationship. I can't imagine having 12 brothers and sisters nor could I imagine having my life plastered all over the TV in "entertainment." I love how Chloe tried to maintain her own life outside the cameras and how she fought to keep her relationships. A brilliant debut novel and I'm so looking forward to reading the author's next work. 

Cover Thoughts: I kinda like the cover on the ARC better - more simplistic.
Source: ARC sent for Review
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