Thursday, February 27, 2014

Review: Manor of Secrets

Lady Charlotte knows she's destined for marriage, but she longs to marry for love and not duty. Her mother's trying to match her with a Lord, but he seems as dull as dish soap.

Lady Charlotte longs for adventure. During a garden party, she and a friend discover a servant girl sneaking towards the lake. They follow her and are shocked to discover her wading. After Janie leaves, Charlotte decides to follow her example. She wants to be brave and to feel freedom.

This desire for adventure leads her to seek out the kitchen maid and strike up a friendship with her. As they begin to share confidences, trouble starts brewing. Can a friendship between upstairs and downstairs really last? 
My Thoughts: I really enjoyed this historical fiction set in the Downton Abbey era. I felt bad for both girls - each stuck in their respective rolls and each wanting something more from life. I like how they came together and made each other stronger and different. Scandal, intrigue, betrayals, judgmental friends, family secrets, and romantic plots kept me turning the pages fast to find out what happened next. 

Cover Thoughts: I really like it, although I wish Janie was in the background
Source: My Library

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