Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday: Blogging

This week's topic is reasons I Love Being A Blogger/Reader

Ways Blogging Helps with My Librarian Job

1. I love being able to share books with teens and adult at the library and passing on the love.

2. While obviously I'm not able to read every book - I love it when I hear something good about a book from bloggers I know. I use it to say, "I haven't read this, but I heard it was really good..."

3. I'm able to keep track of what I read much easier with a blog.

4. Making suggestions for the Middle School Summer Reading List.

5. Seeing ARCs that other bloggers get and are excited about helps immensely with Collection Development 

Ways I Love Being a Reader Blogger

1. Talking with authors about loving their books

2. Meeting authors at book signings or conferences (yes, fangirling happens most of the time)

3. Talking to publishers about the great books they're promoting.

4. Talking about books with other bloggers and seeing what they think about the same book

5. Talking about books on social media sites: what we love, what we don't love, what covers are awesome or strange....

All of these reasons run close together, but clearly I love reading and talking about the books I read or want to read.


molly @ wrapped up in books said...

I didn't have time to do a TTT post this week, but I completely agree! I don't know how I would do my job if I wasn't a blogger -- especially collection development.Professional reviews are great, but I find a handful of blogger reviews help me answer the ultimate question: "will this circulate?" much better than say, Kirkus.

Nette Silveira said...

I always like to ask my librarian to recommend something for me. They've started writing them down for me since I'm at the library so much LoL I love my local library.

My Top Ten Tuesday

Chene Sterckx said...

Great TTT list :) Being a Librarian must be an awesome job!!

Here is my Top Ten Tuesday list if you want to check it out!

Chanzie @ Mean Who You Are.

Ellie M. said...

Those are really awesome points! I totally agree with you :D

My Top Ten this week!

Anonymous said...

I love libraries A LOT, going to mine at least once a week, so I think it's awesome that you were able to combine your job and love for reading into a blog! Terrific list! :)

Bella @ Ciao Bella

Reviews from a Bookworm said...

Great picks :) I work in a library too and really think blogging has helped me a lot more at work. It definitely made a difference when I order in YA stock. My TTT

Kyle said...

I totally agree with your collection development point. I'm a teacher and when we order for our classroom libraries (yay for grants!), I always think about what ARCs people are excited about or have been really popular to make sure we have the best up and coming books!