Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A Day at the Big Book Getaway

Over the weekend I had the good fortune to attend the 2nd Annual Big Book Getaway at Mohegan Sun. I'm not sure where I was last year, because I don't remember hearing about it, but this year was fabulous! There were 5 panels plus two keynote speakers. After the panels, the authors signed books which were available for purchase.  I can't wait to see the line-up for next year. 
Dr. Ruth was the opening speaker - she was funny, entertaining, and of course honest.

Then I went to a Romance Panel featuring: Eloisa James, Laura Kaye, and Cathy Maxwell with Nick Hahn as the moderator. They talked about what makes a good romance. Eloisa talked about how she likes to make her characters suffer - and how you think it won't be possible for the hero and the heroine to come together.  They all talked about how the characters drive the story, especially the male hero. There was a lively discussion of the type the male hero: motorcycle gang, vampires, fireman, professor.... The possibilities are endless. Romance is HUGE right now in terms of consumer purchasing.

I then went to a panel on Touring CT and realize that I need to explore more of the state. I moved here roughly 10 years ago and there's still so much I don't know. I hope to check out some of the books by these authors: Diane Smith, Eric Lehman, and Garrison Leykam and explore more of the state over the summer.

After lunch, there was another Romance Panel with Kristan Higgins, Shannon Stacey, Natalie Charles, and Kristine Rolofson - which was narrated by T.L. Costa. Here there was a lively discussion on falling in love with the hero while writing and how to move on after the book's over. Lots of laughter in this panel.

Then I attended the All Star Mystery panel with Hank Phillipi Ryan as the moderator for Rosemary Harris, Jennifer McMahon, and Julia Spencer-Fleming. There were quizzes as to biographies and first lines of the books. They spoke on how they came up with ideas for their books, how they scared themselves writing sometimes, and how they added bits of themselves into their characters. 

Next I attended a Historical Fiction panel featuring: Charlotte Rogan, Heather Webb and Donna Russo Morin with Stephanie Lehmann as the moderator. Of course they talked about research and how much they love it and how much they leave out. They talked about changing history just a tiny bit to fit the details into their books.

The last session was Debbie Macomber as the keynote speaker. She spoke of how she struggled in school and how her teachers said she would never amount to anything. She didn't learn to read until she was 10, but she went to the library and fell in the love at the age of 4. The librarian who helped her big out a book - Beverly Cleary. She knew that she could tell stories, but she had to learn to become a writer. She talked about how she and her family struggled with money, but she didn't give up on her dreams. I laughed and I teared up a little. It was an inspiring talk. 

What a fabulous day and I have so many books to add to my ever growing TBR pile!


Chris Wolak said...

Hey, I was there, too! I'm so excited to "meet" another CT blogger. I just moved to CT in Dec and am enjoying getting to know the bookstores and libraries in my area.

Unknown said...

I was there too. I also was there last February at the first Big Book Club Getaway, as well as the smaller venue at The Kate in September. Both Sue and Colleen have hit a niche that was a hit on day one, a year ago. I hope they continue to do this. I already plan on being there at the next one!