Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Tween Tuesday Review: Breakaway

* Book 2 in the 39 Clues Unstoppable series * 

Amy and Dan are on the run, trying to track down ingredients to stop their biggest enemy yet. Amy's trying to keep everyone safe, especially since their past is littered with loss of loved ones.

They're trying to read an ancient journal to figure out the clues, but neither the siblings, nor their friends can decipher it. With goons hot on their trail and the media determined to share their location and make them look bad, finding the extinct ingredients seems almost impossible.  This time, the task is enough to make anyone snap.
My Thoughts: While I enjoy this series, I'm getting a little tired of Amy taking on the world alone. I understand her grief and her guilt, but I hate how she's lashing out at everyone and ordering everyone around. I'm sad that the relationship between Amy and Dan doesn't allow them to speak their thoughts to each other anymore. I hope this changes soon. I like Nellie going undercover. I like Pony and April talking to each other. I hope that Cahills and their friends can escape this latest threat without losing too much more of themselves.

Cover Thoughts: Cool
Source: My Library

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