Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Tween Tuesday Review: Wolf Princess

Sophie dreams of a winter wonderland: a palace, warmth, and a snow covered world. Could her dreams be a remembrance?

She wonders so much that she breaks the rules to attend a field trip to Russia. Once in Russia, the trip takes a turn for the worse.  Sophie and her two roommates are stranded on a train and then turned out into the dark cold night. They find shelter in a cabin.  In the morning, they're rescued and brought to a palace.

There's they meet a Princess who talks of the past and the family history of beauty, diamonds, and wolves.

Something seems familiar about this tale, but Sophie can't quite put her finger on it...

My Thoughts: I enjoyed this one for the setting, the mystery, and the old fashioned feel of the story.  I could feel the cold of winter and I wanted to be there bundled up in furs in the sleigh. Even though it's a contemporary book, it felt like an historical fiction read.  The idea of the lost Princess of Russia made me think of Anastasia. I liked the tension in the book and uncovering the mystery. Wolf Princess felt like the start of a series, so I'm hoping for more books. 

Cover Thoughts: I love it!
Source: BEA ARC

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