Saturday, October 19, 2013

Mysterious Saturday Review: Cloche and Dagger

*Hat Shop Mystery Series #1*

Scarlett just learned the truth about her boyfriend of two years - that's he's been married the whole time. She looses it at an anniversary party for him and his wife. She throws cake at him, which unfortunately is recorded and the video put up on YouTube. 

Now she's an internet star - or humiliated  depending on how you look at it. Since she's also lost her job, her cousin insists that she comes back to London to the hat shop. Scarlett and her cousin co-own her the hat shop her grandmother used to own. 

For Scarlett, it's like coming home. She hasn't returned to London in three years. Still, she would have preferred her cousin meet her upon her arrival rather than send someone else. When Viv doesn't show up, Scarlett attempts to manage the best that she can. However, when a difficult customer turns up dead wearing a hat of Viv's creation, the police find it curious. Viv's a major suspect in the murder. Scarlett's worries sick about her cousin and hopes that she'll turn up soon and she's just off on one of her adventures
My Thoughts: I devoured this book - what a perfect first book in a series. I felt horrible for Scarlett - learning about her boyfriend's betrayal. I loved the hat shop and all the hats. Very interesting to read about the creation of hats and the people who purchase them. Although, I like Viv, I enjoyed watching Scarlett try to navigate the shop and the customers on her own. I loved how Scarlett met Nick and Andre. I love them - they're funny, witty, and sweet. I found Harrison entertaining - especially when he shared barbs with Scarlett. I can't wait to read more of this series and spend more time with the characters.

Cover Thoughts: Perfect
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