Sunday, October 13, 2013

Mini Review: Craft-a-Doodle

18 artists put together 75 different exercises to help you create better art work.

The Good: This book is pure fun - lots of drawing ideas. The instructions look great and the use of different drawing tools makes it a more well rounded book. When I think about doodling - it's mostly boring ideas (lines and cubes) on meeting agendas, but this book takes it to a whole new level. I'm eager to try some of these ideas: the owls, the pug faces, the yarn inspiration, the cupcakes, the framed lines, hearts, and the village for drawings on cards.

The Bad: Directions are not there for all the designs, but you can figure it out from the directions that are there and adapt them. Some of them are a little strange - but I think there was only one who's work I didn't like at all.
Library Idea: Use this book to prompt an art night or a several night art workshop. Lots of a great ideas to create fun unique drawings. The visual diary would be perfect!

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