Friday, October 18, 2013

Review: Russian Roulette

Alex and Yassen Gregorovich have a history - a long complicated one. While sworn enemies, one day Yassen saves the life of Alex Rider. Why would he do that when he had orders to kill him?

Yassen's history led him to this point at the top of the roof. He had a happy childhood with great parents and an even greater best friend. But everything vanished one day. His parents died along with everyone in town. Yassen was the only survivor. From that moment on, he did everything he had to do in order to survive. 
My Thoughts: I thought this book was the last in the Alex Rider series - but in actuality it's more of a companion novel than part of the series. Alex Rider makes a small cameo, but most of the book focuses on Yassen and how he came to become a ruthless killer. 

I liked learning more abut Yassen. My heart broke for his and all that he went through at such a young age. He was resourceful and intelligent. I found his history fascinating, especially his time with John Rider. 

Cover Thoughts: I like it!
Source: My Library

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