Friday, October 4, 2013

Mini Review: United We Spy

Cammie and her friends return for their last year at Gallagher Academy in their final book.

The Good: Cammie's changed since last year and it shows, but she's still adamant about the right thing to do - even though it might mean breaking ALL the rules. I love that she's determined to save her friend. I love that her friends don't let her go alone. I love the friendship and the history they share. They're all tough, strong, feisty females and I admire them so much. I love how they look forward to the future and have their own hopes and dreams.

The Bad: It's over and of course I want more!

The Verdict: It's so hard to say goodbye to this series because I loved it! Now I want to go back and re-read the books one right after the other. If you haven't read this series - what are you waiting for? Run to your local library or bookstore immediately! It's that good!


Wimsey Productions said...

Your blog is great! And this series sounds so fun...I am going to check it out!

Jessica said...

I LOVE this series a lot! I'm really sad that's it's over. :( But I'm really looking forward to Embassy Row! :)