Monday, October 21, 2013

Review: Six Months Later

Chloe falls asleep during study hall - only to wake up when the room is dark. At first she thinks that everyone left her there, but slowly she begins to understand that six months have past and her life has drastically changed.

It seems like during that time, she got everything she ever wanted. Her crush is now her boyfriend. Her grades have dramatically improved. She's friends with the popular group. It's like a dream come true until...

Chloe realizes that she's no longer friends with her best friend. She has no idea what happened between them. She doesn't feel anything for her boyfriend and she can't stop thinking about Adam.

Can Chloe uncover what happened to her? 
My Thoughts: I devoured this book - I loved how Chloe uncovered and unraveled how her new life came to be. I felt horrible as she tried to patch things up with her former best friend. But I admired her for trying to recover the friendship they once had. I really liked Adam: he was funny, smart, and protective. I loved learning more about him as Chloe figured things out. I liked Chloe - how she was smart, but just discovering that about herself. I liked her loyalty, her courage, and her sense of morality. A fantastic debut filled with friendship, love, action, tension, and suspense. 

Cover Thoughts: I actually liked the ARC cover better- the winter landscape without the girl on the cover
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