Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday

This week's topic is  Top Ten Book Turn-Offs. It's a little similar to the topic in July, but different too. These are some of the things that make me put a book down. I had a hard time coming up with these - so you get 5 instead of ten. I'll be very interested in seeing what everyone else adds to their list. 

Cheating (relationship wise). I hate discovering a character I like cheating.

Not liking any of the characters - if it's hard for me to connect with the characters, there's no point in me reading the book - no matter how good the writing is.

If the plot doesn't hook me - there are so many fantastic books out there, that I don't have time to read books that don't grab my interest.

If the mood of the book is making me grumpy or depressed, I'll only read a little bit at a time or not finish it.

And finally sometimes another book comes in at the library and it's one I've been dying to read. So I'll put down my current book to read that one. Sometimes I never go back, even though the first book was good.


Unknown said...

I've done that with library books too. Cheating made my list too.

Ashley G. said...

Plot is a huge deal to me! If you can't hook me in the first few pages, you lose me!