Saturday, October 5, 2013

Mysterious Saturday Review: Deadly Heat

* Book #5 in the Nikki Heat Series *

Nikki Heat found a breakthrough in her mother's case; a secret code that she's told no one about. Soon, she confides in Rook. Together, they dig deeper. 

Unfortunately, another article about Nikki has hit the internet. She's attracted the attention of a serial killer. He's leaving bodies all over town with clues to his next victim.

Nikki's scrambling to work both cases - but her boss only wants her focusing on the Rainbow Killer. Nikki's not about to give up her mother's case. She juggles them both. Only the serial killer's getting too close. He wants to play a game, but in his mind she ends up dead in that game.

Can Nikki close out the case before it's too late?
My Thoughts: I love the tie in books with Castle. As a big fan of the show, I like seeing it extended beyond the show and finding similarities between them. I like the story-line of Nikki Heat's mother and how it becomes the backdrop of the books, in addition to the murders happening in New York City. I like seeing Heat in her element at the precinct. I like watching her bounce ideas off her team and her debriefings.  I like the mystery of the serial killer and seeing him try to outwit Heat. A great installment to a fun, fast-paced mystery.

Cover Thoughts: I like it.
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