Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tween Tuesday Review: Sink or Swim

 * Whatever After Series #3- read my reviews of the first two books*
Abby and Jonah have been pulled into another fairy tale - this time it's the Little Mermaid's story. They arrive underwater and immediately loose their luggage.

Abby doesn't like the water and flails about to get to land.  Unfortunately she interrupts Lana as she's rescuing the prince. As far the the prince knows, Abby and Jonah saved him. He invites them to stay at the palace in the kingdom of Mustard - where everything is yellow and food is always served with a side of mustard. 

Abby tries to stop Lana from making a bargain with the Sea Witch, but she's too late. Now, Lana must marry to Prince or face the consequences of her bargain. Abby's busy planning a wedding and she's determined that the show must go on!
My Thoughts: I've always been partial to the Little Mermaid tale and I really enjoyed the changes to this story. I like how Abby and Jonah met Lana before she became human. I loved the siblings trip to the underwater kingdom and meeting  Lana's family. I thought the royals of the kingdom of Mustard were very relaxed and their attitude added humor to the book. I like how Abby watches out for Jonah - who has a knack for getting into trouble and for meeting new friends.  Another fun fairy tale adventure that leave me waiting for the next chapter.

Cover Thoughts: really cute
Source: My Library

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