Sunday, May 26, 2013

Bookmarks for Guys

I confess that I'm a bookmark addict.

But lately, I've had a question. Where are the bookmarks for guys???

I'm not talking about the bookmarks you can buy at Upstart or somewhere else, but rather the bookmarks from authors and publishers.

I follow a lot of authors of twitter and I see them posting pictures of their bookmarks. Sometimes, I'm lucky and I get a bunch for the library. Mostly of the time, the bookmarks are targeting female readers. They're gorgeous and don't get me wrong, I Love them. I love handing them out to readers and readers love taking them. It sparks up a conversation about books, which is great.

Which got me thinking:
Could it be because I'm following mostly female authors?
Could it be because authors of books geared towards guys purchase other swag?
Could it be that there just aren't many bookmarks targeting male readers?

I'm going to keep my eyes open while at BEA this week to see what I can discover! If you have thoughts, let me know. I'd like to put more bookmarks into the hands of guy readers. 

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