Thursday, May 2, 2013

Review: Let the Sky Fall

Vane's had a tragic life - one no normal child should ever have survived. He can't remember anything about the tornado that claimed his parents' lives and almost killed him.

He's been able to move on, mostly. He has a new family, friends, and even a potential girlfriend. Except, there's one mystery girl he can't stop thinking about. Vane doesn't know if she's real, but she's wrapped up in his past.

He's dumbfounded when she sneaks into his bedroom at night. At first, he's overjoyed, but then confused as she starts talking. She tells him she's not human, and neither is he. Instead, they're sylphs, beings who can control the wind.

Audra accidentally sent their location into the winds. Now their enemies are coming for them. She's hoping to stall them, but she needs Vane to start training. She needs to show him just how much power he has and she desperately hopes to unlock his past. Buried deep in his past might be the only change for their survive, if she can help him unlock it, they might stand a chance.

My Thoughts: I loved this start to a new series for the forbidden romance, the danger, and the slow reveal of what happened in the past to these two families. I liked Vane's snark and sarcasm - he lightening the mood at times.  I like how Audra sends the wind to keep Vane from kissing the wrong girl - setting everything in motion. My heart broke for her -her guilt over her past. I hated her mother! I really liked the concept of controlling the wind. I found in unique and intriguing. Despite the size, I tore through this book, not wanting to put it down and I'm eager for more in the story.

Cover Thoughts: Great
Source: My Library

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